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Comment Where are teh sditors? (Score 1) 313

Windows is a TEST VERSION...MS talked loudly and publicly about the data collection and said it was for troubleshooting and optimization and that it will be ripped out of the final bits...Apple is doing this sneakily and for no clear benefit to the end user or the community of users as a whole.

The last line of this summery is just flame bate...Editors, please edit these things!

Comment The system works - this is proof (Score 2) 204

This is how the net is supposed to work. lets take this point by point. I hate that i am about to defend verizon but the reaction to this story seems to ignore key facts that need consideration.

The Netflix appliance: Why should any ISP be compelled to have 3rd party gear in their DC or NOC? The price of the hardware a small portion of the TCO...There is power and cooling to consider. What about the cost of the floorspace and the opportunity cost of what that rack space/floor space could be used for. This could set a precedent to set up devices for any other content provider.
The problem was not Verizon's network, clearly, it was the inability to get their content smoothly to the edge of verizons network. This was clearly an issue where peering didnt work as intended because of the volume of traffic going one direction - the simple fix is to set up a direct link to Verizons edge, which it sounds like they did. Thats how the internet works, if the standard peer based internetwork connectivity doesnt meet the needs of your application, you connect directly, or more directly, to the other end.

It seems like people are willing to throw away one of the greatest inventions in the history of humanity all to keep their precious netflix from going up in price a few bucks a month. Sad.

Comment business travel rules need to change (Score 1) 819

every company I work for demands that you take the cheapest fare option. I am 6FT tall and can barely fit in a normal airline row legroom wise. I always upgrade to Econ Comfort on Delta or the equivalent on any other airline but the company wont pay the extra $30 to do it. Employers should pay for the extra legroom option for the same reasons they pay for hardhats and safety goggles for tradesmen. If I cant even sit down in the chair without my knees pushing against the chari in front of me, that can produce a lot of health issues since I cant move my legs for hours.

Comment Re:Stupid banks... US credit cards have no securit (Score 1) 132

Not any time soon - as it happens, I have an Amazon card from Chase and just got the replacement for an expiring card - no chip and pin, I called and asked about it and they sid they MAY have it when my next card comes in 3 dont hold your breath.

I mention Amazon specifically because other commenters seem to think that anything Amazon is immune and safe...not so fast young grasshopper...

Comment its all about salaries (Score 4, Insightful) 59

Companies dont like to pay $100k+ for top talent so if they can get every high schooler to take CS classes, at least a percentage of them will become coders and will gladly take jobs at a fraction of the price and drive the prices down for salaries. The code will be crap but that wont matter because who needs it to be efficient when we can just toss a couple more CPUs at the problem...

Want to improve the k-12 education? stop building near NFL like football stadiums and bring back music, art and other creative type classes. Stop forcing everyone to be either a Jock or a STEM student.

Submission + - Discloses Top Donors

theodp writes: Under the leadership of, explained the ACM, it joined CSTA, NCWIT, NSF, Microsoft and Google in an effort "to reshape the U.S. education system," including passing a federal law making Computer Science a "core subject" in schools. If you're curious about whose money helped fuel the effort,'s Donors page now lists those who gave $25,000+ to $3,000,000+ to the K-12 CS cause (the nonprofit plans to raise $20-30 million for 2015-16 operations). Microsoft is at the top of the list as a Platinum Supporter ($3,000,000+), while Bill Gates is Gold ($1,000,000+), and Steve Ballmer is Silver ($500,000+). Interestingly, six of's ten biggest donors are also Founders of Mark Zuckerberg's tech immigration reform PAC.

Comment Re:Boycott (Score 4, Informative) 91

That sounds great until you consider that for some our job demands that we have internet access...the system goes down in the middle of the weekend or something? guess who is getting that call, and for many Comcast is the only choice. Some places may have an alternative of DSL but that is usually 2Mbps at best in my experience and not very reliable on VPN connections in recent years - again that is just my experience.

We need to regulate internet at the state level like power...I dont have a choice in electric utility providers but I pay a reasonable price for a good quality of service because the PUC looks out for the people. lets do that with cable internet

Comment media cos killed it w/compression+Bitstarvation (Score 3, Insightful) 197

I love good sound, i would be willing to drop 5x or more on sound what a TV costs, but i don't, ya know why? cause I now have the cash but don't see any high end content. I am locked to Comcast which means shit audio streams even on HBO and other high end channels, netflix is better but not much. For music, a 40 year old tech, CD, is still king because all of the streaming and download services, like my choice, Google Music, all are over compressed and bitstarved.

Blue Ray, DVD-A, SA-CD and any other truly good sounding form of content delivery seem to be flopping because they are tied to physical media.We need high end streaming and downloadable content but this will never happen as long as people can be tricked into thinking Beats and other poorly configured experiances are somehow "good".

Comment Just refuse the new gear (Score 3, Insightful) 224

I advise all my contacts when they get new comcrap or slime warner installs to go to the local big box store and pick up a router, then to demand that they get just a regular modem and not a modem/switch/wifi combo...They will often say that it is not an option...if you say "fine, I decline service, please leave immediately if you cant find a non integrated modem" suddenly one just happens to have slid under the seat in his van.....

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