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Comment Re:FINALLY! (Score 1) 280

but if it's the last competitor and it'll become a monopoly it's a pretty big deal

I will be voting with my wallet - I clearly remember back in the 486 days when Intel had the monopoly and were charging more than $1000 for a processor chip, because they could. They were worth more per ounce than gold was at the time.

We need to maintain competition - Well done AMD, I hope your product lives up to expectations.

Comment Re:Call me when renewable beats fossil fuel (Score 1) 333

This largely depends on how the survey was worded. I am all for developing alternative energy sources, but I am also realistic about how feasible and financially viable it is. Right now there are a few criteria that need to be met for US power needs:

1. The power must be economically competitive with existing sources. Current solar PV arrays are about on par with natural gas turbines.
2. Power available as it is needed 24/7/365. This is the difficulty that comes with solar PV, wind etc.

If tomorrow someone perfects the ultra high capacity liquid metal battery or some other way to efficiently store massive amounts of energy efficiently then solar and wind and other alternative power sources become grid wide viable options for baseline generation. As it is, no renewable power source works reliably when the sun goes down/wind randomly stops blowing. I have over 5kW of solar panels myself, because it made financial sense and paid for it'self within about 10 years.

Rather than spend $billions on the US war machine to ensure the reliable supply of oil to the country, the US government should be subsidizing the production of batteries to store solar energy. Batteries are the single biggest expense in providing a reliable supply of energy 24 hours a day. There is plenty of space in the desert to put up the solar arrays, on top of houses, factories, car parks. Solar panels are cheap now. Just need batteries to make it all work.
You already have quality electric cars which are capable of replacing most peoples needs, all forms of heating cooling etc can be powered of electricity.
There is not a lot stopping things except the cost.

Comment Re:Such a bad idea (Score 5, Insightful) 105

I can see a few problems with this:
I can see drivers approaching a red light looking at the display instead of looking at where they are going
Jumping the red - knowing that it will be changing green soon - this will increase chance of collisions from people running the red the other way.
Increase chance of pedestrians getting run over

Comment Re:Lets not worry about this yet (Score 1) 555

We have such a system in Australia The government and in particular the emergency services uses this to target people in a particular location to warn about impending dangers; Bushfires, floods, Cyclones etc.
I could just see Mr Trump using this as his own twitter account.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990


When the majority of cars are electric, and people (and society) depend on them, do you SERIOUSLY think electricity is going to stay cheap?

I don't think so. Purchasing solar panels has now become a cheaper way of producing your own electricity, combine this is batteries which are also getting cheaper, you will be able to produce your own electricity for just the cost of the solar emissions which has been the same price it has always been - free.

Comment Re:Bork (Score -1, Offtopic) 281

Windows 10 Source Code
Subject: Windows 10 Source Code
(not too new, but slightly improved) /*
              TOP SECRET Microsoft(c) Code
              Project: Chicago(tm)
              Projected release-date: Summer 12016
            #include "winxp.h"
            #include "win7.h"
            #include "win8.h"
            #define INSTALL = HARD
            char make_prog_look_big[1600000];
Excerpt from Windows source code:
            void main()
                            if (first_time_installation)
                            if (still_not_crashed)

Submission + - 60 people killed and many more injured in terrorist attack in Nice, France (

An anonymous reader writes: A truck slowly drove towards a crowd, accelerated and then hit people on the famous Promenade des Anglais shortly after celebratory fireworks had ended. July 14th is a national holiday in remembrance of the attack on the Bastille which started the French Revolution. The truck reportedly drove more than a mile before the driver was shot and the truck stopped.

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