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Comment Re:Stripped down version (Score 2) 129

Yeah the problem with those features being broken is that when they update the keys on BlueRay discs, you're fucked.

You have to buy a new DVD player.

Let's say they DID work..... but sony decided not to bother updating your blueray player because it's >2 years old ....once again you're fucked.

Comment Re:Pro-Boy Bias? (Score 5, Insightful) 493

This is absolutely correct, I have kids and the school system is definitely set up for the women.

Boys get in trouble just for being boys. All of the ages things are learned at is in sync with when girls mature and are ready for the teachings.

School is not biased towards the boys at all.

Comment Bullshit Stats. (Score 5, Insightful) 496

Except that when you look at pay equity with relation to what role/job they pay, this feminist bullshit disappears.

When you look at the overall without understanding it at looks like we live in a sexist society because women choose more emotionally rewarding careers than financially rewarding.

Comment Re:Answer needed (Score 1) 390

because Verizon is being paid by their customers to access this data.

Why should verizon have any peering agreements with anyone?

Why not just operate their own network that doesn't peer out to the internet as a whole?

As a customer of an ISP, I'm not paying for the ISP to deliver me to their own internal network. I'm paying them to deliver my data to the peered connections. ALWAYS.

If my ISP has one peered connection that's beyond capacity, I expect them to upgrade it, as it's the cost of doing business.

And especially when it's cheap. This is chump change to them, and Level3 even offered to pay for it..... why is verizon saying no?

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 2) 390

This is a peering agreement, not a service agreement. Even if it were a service agreement, then it should be Verizon paying Level 3 so that verizon's customers can access the content they want.

Peering agreements don't usually pay each other because both networks gain advantage from the peer-connection.

Comment Re:In Verizon's defense (Score 2) 390


From Verizon, I'd be surprised if they were even given shoes.

End Of the Year is a schedule determined carefully by verizon so that Verizon can figure out how to offer their own competing service "Without the problems of netflix!" ....or possibly because Verizon has to force netflix into a complex solution to hide the fact that it's a simple problem.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 281

How is SQL express a solution when he specifically stated MYSQL was a bad idea due to technical limitations?

With 0 technical expertise, SQL Express is still going to need a custom web frontend for access to the data etc.....

I do'nt disagree, that Star/Libre/Open office base isn't a worthwhile solution, but MYSQL vs MSSQL is the same issue.

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