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Comment Re:Best Linux Distro (Score 1) 224

Not for a lot of people. I consider keeping up on security patches to be rather critical, and to date I haven't seen another distribution that ended up having their web server so compromised that people ended up downloading ISO images that were infected with malware. And all they had to do was keep up with either Ubuntu or Debian.

So in the end, Mint offers me less then Ubuntu or Fedora (my usual poison, been with Fedora since Red Hat Linux 6 and KDE 1) does.

Comment Re:Elementary OS Performance? (Score 1) 224

Isn't that the sad truth. OS X used to be so nice - I have machines here running 10.4, .5, and .6 (a PPC G4, G5, and a MBP 1,1 and a 2008 MB (don't remember the exact model but it could run Lion if I wanted). From 10.0 - 10.5 things really improved each version (save dropping classic in 10.5). When 10.6 came it was a little heavier, but still very nice to work with. Then Lion hit, and it was downhill from there.There are a few features in the newer versions that I like, but they could be back-ported to older versions if Apple allowed it (iMessage and FaceTime being synced with iOS devices, and iCloud), but that sadly isn't the Apple way. I've had to manually compile patches for PPC machines to keep certain core programs (like bash) updated against some major vulnerabilities, but otherwise some of these systems (like my Quad G5 running 10.5 after installing some rather fast HDDs and 16GB of RAM - if I could get a better GPU in their I'd move it to SSD as well and watch it fly) are still very usable.

Comment Re:monopoly (Score 1) 182

Hell, the Pentium III (Tualatin) beat the Pentium IV in performance. I had a Pentium III-S workstation (clocked at like 1.5GHz) with 2GB of RAM that my coworkers who were running Pentium IV and Pentium IV with Hyper Threading workstations were jealous of (which lasted until we rolled out Core 2 workstations, which I got one of the first) how well it performed. There again, I also upgraded the GPU where as they had the Intel i9xx GPUs, and I also added a SATA controller towards the end of its run that made a big difference as well.

Comment Re:monopoly (Score 1) 182

I remember some of the hype about Itanium was the future - I even have textbooks here that mentions it ("The 80x86 Family: design, programming, and interfacing Third Edition" by John Uffenbeck (ISBN 0-13-025711-7) lists the P7 family being the Intel Itanium, compared to the P6 [Pentium Pro | Pentium II | Celeron A | Pentium III | Xeon], P5 [Pentium | Pentium MMX], P4 80486, etc; but no mention of the Intel Pentium IV in the book at all.). I've also seen the Itanium listed as the Intel 786 family (compared to the P2/P3 being the 686 and P1 being the 586). I think that clearly shows what Intel was thinking.

Comment Re:Change is bad (Score 1) 173

I was about to remark about how their used to be UNIX versions of Word Perfect (I have it installed on my Octane running IRIX 6.5.29 and of course there was the Linux version that shipped with Corel Linux), but I do not recall ever seeing it on FreeBSD.

Comment Re:Kind of consistent, isn't it? (Score 1) 210

I feel like W10 has a better on screen keyboard then W10, but that might be about it. However, my W10 tablet no longer works at all (WinBook, won't boot except to the "Rescue"screen that won't allow me to boot to any rescue media even though it claims to be trying to do that...), so that really isn't a concern for me any longer. Shame, because I almost liked the little tablet (save for the abysmal battery life - with an Intel Atom in it I got at most two hours of life out of it, and it died after a day on standby, compared to my 2012 MBP with roughly 6 hours and my Precision M4500 with four hours (i7 and Quadro FX GPU - it's a power hog of a laptop, but it's powerful as can be iwth 16GB of RRAM and two SSD. My current work laptop (M4800) gets at least 4 hours of battery life as well, depending on what I am doing).

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