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Comment Re:anyone know if it works in virtualbox? (Score 1) 202

That's correct - there are no GPU drivers for OS X in VirtualBox or VMware. OS X has always fallen back to software rendering of everything when it does not have a GPU driver that supports the features it wants (which was really bad on PPC trying to use Expose and the like on some of the really early G3/G4 machines)

Comment Re:What if I am an Ubuntu hater, too? (Score 2) 234

Fedora is a very upstream distribution, and also does very little modification to the bundled software. They also contribute more back upstream then any other distribution does. Finally, The changes that happen in Fedora set the stage for Linux in general - the Fedora team does things first (PulseAudio, Network Manager, GNOME, systemd) and every one else follows.

Comment Re:Wrong audience (Score 1) 495

I bought the non-retina model back in February because Ethernet and replaceable parts are more vaulable to me then the retina display. Plus, I was able to buy (Apple approved even) 16GB of RAM and an SSD for much cheaper then getting the rMBP with 8GB of RAM (and it isn't like there is a lot of gain on the CPU end going from Ivy Bridge to the Haswell model I was looking at. Wireless AC was the only feature that I sorta wanted, but that really won't be a concern for a couple of years yet, if it ever becomes one).

Comment Re:Bluetooth pairing (Score 1) 495

At a previous job I told our Apple rep, in response to them asking us why we stopped buying new Apple laptops, that we would start buying more if they made a Professional MacBook Pro again (we kept ordering the 2012 model). They were not amused, but IT (and the users) preferred the Precisions that we were buying (M4x00 line) to the rMBP.

Comment Re:Apple's suicide (Score 1) 495

Actually, I know quite a few people (including myself) that will not buy the retina MacBook Pro because it is too much hassle compared to the non-retina model. Ethernet and upgradable parts have kept it alive and quite popular four years later. Most users (myself included) have no interest in carrying a pile of dongles (I bought a 2012 in Feb, plus Apple approved SSD and 16GB of RAM, for less then the cost of buying a retina one with 8GB of RAM and a smaller SSD).

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