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Comment Re:Suprise... and Microsoft will suprise everybody (Score 1) 348

So... I will surprise everybody.

WIN8 running very very well already on ARM processors.

They rebooted WIN8 to the originally planned WIN7 micro kernel.

Win8 is a one microkernel with multiple interfaces to be booted up within 3sec. 1. It can be traditional PC 2. CAN be Tablet 3. Can be WInphone (Bye bye WInphone 7... if you didn’t realize it was/is just a research and UI project) 4. It runs inside TVs (Hello Samsung!) 5. Runs in the cloud. 6. It is the embedded.

The same Win8.

The Winphone 7 software delivery packaging implemented and further enhanced for consistent solution delivery. One development toolkit to develop solution across all platforms.

You think it is not true. You don't believe that MS can pull this off. They already did it!!! Just they have learnt from Apple. SILENCE! You will be shocked. People talking about the backward comp ability as an issue. This is NOT a problem anymore because of what MS done in the virtualization. The virtualization is part of the kernel and can natively virtualize anything to achieve backward compability.

Have you ever thought what this Really really means? You should have goose bumps...

That windows is linux? Wat!?

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