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Comment Re:The old world finally realizes (Score 1) 100

It's not new tech, AirBnB is pretty much a sublet which is and has been against the terms of most lease agreements since forever.

You are talking about rental contracts - an issue between lessor and lessee.

This law is quite different - it criminalises subletting and even plain letting for periods under one month. There's little reason for it except that the hotel industry has greased enough palms to get a law passed in their favour.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 3, Insightful) 527

A few months ago we were bombing Assad's forces and helping the rebels, and now we're doing the reverse. Russia might be ruthless but at least they have a plan.

How can we justify the risk of troops' lives if we can't even figure out which side we're on.

Comment Re:More reasons to use Windows instead of Linux (Score 1) 99

No they will not fully support Windows 7 until the advertised EOL. At least not on Kaby Lake processors, which are due out in a few months. Windows 7 will not be officially supported on Kaby Lake at all. Windows 7 is only supported to the advertised EOL if you continue to run it on pre-Kaby-Lake CPUs.

Thus many corporates have had to adjust their plans to keep running Windows 7.

Comment Re:Doll. Fin. (Score 2) 305

You'd better hope they don't eliminate people who don't know that the terminating period for that sentence belongs inside the quotes, sparky. :)

The position of a period relative to an ending quote mark depends on which country you speak (or learned) English in.

In none of which you'd end a sentence with a preposition.

Comment Re:Now this is cool! (Score 1) 87

A very graphic way of showing selection in action.

Now you know why your doctor says take all the pills in the prescription. You want to be at 1000, not 1.

.. and probably mutation as well.

How to test that? Perhaps add the original culture to the final agar mix and observe that none survive. Do the same for the final bacteria mix and observe that they thrive

Comment Re:manbanging (Score 1) 162

A horny manatee?

True story - Conan O'Brien was waffling on as he is prone to do, and made up an imaginary web site called CBS had a policy of creating any web site mentioned on their shows, if it didn't already exist, to prevent someone else registering it and filling it with damaging content.

The clip is here,

Thus was born. The site is gone.

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