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Comment Having worked in a tech support call center.... (Score 4, Interesting) 479

Telling them it "Smells like smoke", "It's hot enough to burn myself on" or since I used to work printer support "It's leaking ink/grease/something".

Will skip a lot of the BS and get you a replacement asap, since they don't want to deal with the legal fallout of it setting your house on fire (or staining a new couch) while troubleshooting. At one fruit themed computer call center we had a "Red Flag Word List" in which if a customer used any of the words, it got transferred immediately to Tier 2. They were all words like Smoke, fire, melting, sparks, swelling (batteries).


Submission + - Application Installers: Let's Be Open (

An anonymous reader writes: requests software developers to make their installers open to make them cross compatible with other platforms. Brandon Watts writes, "Modern installers have changed their ways quite a bit, but a lot of the bloat is still out there, and they're still doing some sneaky things, however, most of it isn't all up in your face. Because of that, I can answer my own question that I posed at the outset by suggesting that people remain oblivious about what sometimes happens when they install software. Some interaction with the operating system may be required to setup certain aspects of the application, but anything beyond this cordial getting to know you stage of the application and operating system relationship can begin to get tricky.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - How Apple Preps Kids As Future Mac Users

techie writes: writer Brandon Watts talks about Apple's influence on kids and how it's getting them ready to use the Mac platform when they grow up. He writes, "As someone who's taught at a summer camp before, I can truly say that this is a fantastic way to engage kids in technology. The fact of the matter is that OS X is perfect for young and creative minds, and in realizing this, Apple has organized a fantastic educational program. Whether these kids have used a Mac before or not, they're going to be sold on them (along with their parents) after the camp experience.
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - RMS Talks about Binary Drivers & Free Software

Mitchell Bogues writes: Richard Stallman recently gave talk titled "The Free Software Movement and GNU/Linux Operating System". RMS fielded a number of interesting questions relevant to the future of the free software movement including, "Do you support the Creative Commons license?" and "Can I use ATI and NVIDIA drivers because Mesa isn't nearly as complete?". Can we expect Linux ever to see main stream adoption with these persistent driver and licensing issues still hanging around?

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