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Comment Re:Yes still a dream (Score 2) 148

2 the FAA will require a pilots license

This flying jet ski is supposedly an ultralight; a true single seat ultralight requires no license to fly (assuming it meets the requirements of Part 103 for an ultralight aircraft).

3 the FAA will require aircraft maintenance. This means 99.999768% of all typical car owners will never be able to own one as they will whine like hungry babies when told they need to spend $8900 to have the engine rebuilt that is working just fine. Yes the FAA requires scheduled engine rebuilding.

FAA does not require ultralights to have any proof of airworthiness. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the ultralight is safe to fly.

Comment Re:100 years ago, who cares? (Score 1) 487

This is the first I'd heard of this movie. But , from TFS it's:

a historical romance set against the backdrop of the Armenian genocide

In my book, setting a movie against a historical backdrop doesn't constitute "digging up historical grievances", it's been a common part of movie making for a long time.

That said, Turkey is generally hyper sensitive to this. As far as I'm aware though, the facts are against them.

Comment Re:CA$3 to CA$5 per ride? (Score 1) 200

That seems a little low. Also, it is nowhere near the cost of providing the service. According to this badly scanned pdf ( fare revenue for that system is $1.4M, total expenses $12.6M. With 2M passenger boardings, that comes out to an actual cost of ~$6 per ride. Now, the benefits of having a public transportation system are many; I'm just pointing out that most fares have no relationship to the cost of the service.

Comment Re:Nice job . . . (Score 1) 421

I take it as a reminder that, when you buy a device which uses someone else's servers, you may end up with a non-functioning device. I have an Arlo camera and a SmartThings hub despite the chance that they will eventually be cut off by Netgear or Samsung. Their present utility to me outweighs that possibility.

I trust both of them as much as I would some intranet of things device which I would need to forward a port to in order to get remote access. More, in fact, since I have cut off access to my older camera DVR due to the hardcoded root access.

Comment Re:Proxies vs. VPN (Score 2) 141

That was my thought too. And the "free VPN service Hola" turns out not to be a peer-to-peer "VPN" service, routing users' connections through each other's devices.

In other words, if you actually get a VPN (which means you'll have to pay for it), from a provider who will not sell your information, then yes, it will protect your privacy.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 1) 207

Around me (DC) people seem to be voting for the shoebox, or at least rental. I live near a Metro stop, and in the last 10 years there have been at least 5000 rental units added around me, with more in the pipeline. DC itself (no suburbs) added more than 50,000 residents between 2012 & 2015, and that seems to be continuing. A lot of younger people around here are not interested in long commutes, they want city life.

Comment Re:If self driving cars take off (Score 1) 207

Does this do away with motorcycles?

On the contrary, I see self driving cars as a boon to motorcycles. The main reason I am concerned about riding is other drivers, and self driving cars should be way less likely to do the didn't see the red light/need to turn right from the left lane/ various other stupid stuff that take out way too many bikes. I could even see adding a transponder or something so that you are marked unmistakably as a human controlled motorcycle, and given a wide berth.

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