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Comment Minnesota does a few of these (Score 1) 400

Buses drive on the shoulder on many highways and roads. So people stopped in traffic get to watch people surfing their phone or reading books go ahead of them. And buses here don't stop and open doors for railroads at all. Maybe school buses do.

But the routes are the problem. Spouse takes the bus in because it's quicker than driving, cheaper than parking, etc. I drive because it's a 12 minute drive or a 45 minute bus ride (IF I don't miss the connection, which I almost always do). But spouse is downtown, I'm not.

Comment Re:Serious question - why not just publish to publ (Score 1) 191

Spam, basically. Journals serve to reduce the amount of bad research / falsified research. It's an uphill battle now, with reviewers, editors, and journals charging. Open access journals typically charge significantly more to publish in.

Note, I'm not defending anyone here. Journals charge a lot, but editors and reviewers work for free (it's an expected responsibility, so you typically can do it during regular working hours).

Comment Re:Methylation (Score 1) 252

While they only looked at methylation, there's also phosphorylation, acetylation, and a few others I'm not familiar with. Each of which can be inherited, and sometimes they are erased. Also changes to histones are 1/2 inherited(usually).

Also, base changes to the DNA is actually pretty common, which is the reason the sperm cells are heavily protected(not from blunt force however) and generated on a daily basis, and egg cells are even more protected in a female body. You're DNA won't be an exact match but will be pretty damn close to your own DNA. The base of the spine is also heavily protected. Your immune system also rewrites your DNA in its cells to keep the adaptive memory immune response.

What everyone else said about expression being pretty much everything, is entirely true. A gene is useless unless its expressed(And sometimes deadly if expressed).

Comment Re:Oh, Those Evil Conservative Christians!! (Score 1) 653

"Lookit, the Americans and Western Europeans did some bad things, and then we got over it! We moved on! We entered the 21st Century!! You want to get angry, you want to get fired up, you want to actually do some good and maybe save some lives, go after Sharia, today, not Britain 50-60 years ago."

Sharia is, for most of us in the EU and US, believe it or not, NOT a threat to us, whereas these fundamentalist christians generally are a threat.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 653

Not necessarily, some species(penguins, I think) have evolved to produce some gay offspring to help raise other offspring. It can in fact be a survival gene, while the homosexuals may not procreate themselves, the female may have evolved to have both, and it may help survival of the species in question.

What I'm saying is, just because A + B doesn't OBVIOUSLY answer C, doesn't mean it's simply illogical.

"I mean, if ever I saw a trait that evolution would suppress, this would be it."

I'd study more on genetics, evolution, and development, as well as anthropology before simply jumping to conclusions.

Comment Re:The glaciers are retreating! (Score 0, Flamebait) 791 will never be right about anything.

Temperature increases are held at bay by melting ice sheets(basic chemistry, if you heat ice, when it melts it will not gain in temperature).

I also enjoy the lack of link or even the full name of the study to look it up. That's much appreciated.

According to CNS News, this comment is peer-reviewed, well received, and flies in the face of the conservative-correct, political timebomb that is tardness.

Comment Re:No real impact (Score 1) 874

Darn! Now only if there were companies that were all-wind electric! D'oh! There are!

Now if only car makers were able to increase MPG! Well, they have the technology, just refused to use it! DAMNIT!

The current market of "status-quo-or-else" really blows. A nice shakeup is definitely in order.

Comment Re:Creating Chaos for Profit (Score 4, Insightful) 874

"expect to see your retail electric bills go up by 5-15%, or an average of $700-1400 per family per year.
x * 0.15 = $1400
$1400/0.15 = 9333.33- / 12 = $777.77-

WHO SPENDS $800 a month on electricity already? If you're electric bill is already $10k it sounds like a small increase!

Know what you're talking about. And as a hint, we already pay taxes on this kind of crap, see
this is just taxing the companies while they exist, instead of having them pay their employees and the citizens having to pay to clean it up while the business gets off scott free.

Comment Re:Free markets (Score 1) 252

Hey, our Muni wifi is a success. A few friends use it(and love it) as they have internet all over the city. Some people don't like it(too slow, customer service). Those complaints make it a success since you can say the same for Comcast/Qwest very easily. Of course the muni wifi (it costs, by the way) came out and fixed my friend's internet for her when the modem was broken, rather than sending a package and hoping for the best.

Comment Awesome (Score 1) 1010

How do I install SP1???? It takes a damn hour, gets 100% complete, then says there was an error, takes two hours to uninstall, and gives me a generic message that basically means "you're f-ed".

I've tried about ten times now, no luck, uninstalled all drivers and programs, etc...


Comment Gotta be careful (Score 1) 328

I've totally given up ABC news because it redirects so many times it thwacks my back button. Not on my PC, that's fine, but I typically read the news during down time the rest of the day, ex: waiting for food, before class, at the coffee shop, etc...

ABCNews is already gone, I wish google had an option to remove a news source. NYTimes killed my WM5 phone(as in crashed iexplorer.exe, not that difficult of a task) but I think they fixed it before I switched to the 'droid.

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