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Comment Re:They can't be sure..or can they? (Score 1) 74

"You obviously have never seen dolphins carried in slings, lifted with cranes, etc. "
You're right! Could you please show me pictures of a 3 ton whale being lifted by a crane, on sand, in a place like farewell spit in NZ (wee hint, farewell spit is in the middle of nowhere and you'd have to get this crane a few Kms along the spit)?

"They may not love it. But it can be done."
so can keeping them wet until the tide comes back in. What the fuck do you think is easier?

"Some day, your parents are going to have to roll you up the basement stairs and out the front door to get a job. You probably won't like it much when it happens either."
In the face of such stupidity, I'll leave you to consider reality, rather than this fantasy of cranes on a spit lifting whales stuck down in wet sand.

Comment Re:With an small download cap! (Score 1) 147

Do you have overhead powerlines/phone down your shared driveway to your house? If so, they'll just string up another wire. That's what they did for us down our shared driveway with three houses between us and the road. Install was done extremely quickly and competently. I believe they did that on the inspection/planning date when they saw what was involved, rather than waiting for the installation date a week later.
However at my office when I got Fiber installed there (4 offices in block), was the opposite end of the spectrum. Wildly incompetent installation fools (obviously the cheapest contractors they could find), lost paperwork at chorus, installation left holes open to the elements, etc. So it can be a real lottery.
You'll find the fiber isn't just faster for downloads, but response times (latency) is noticeably lower (browsing the web is snappier) and it's far more robust/reliable than VDSL. Certainly worth upgrading to seeing as you can get it.
I haven't bothered upgrading to gigabit speed either (even though work is paying for everything), as 100Mbs Fiber basically maxes out WiFi at any rate. Maybe when my kids get older and start streaming multiple 4k content over multiple wifi routers or something... ;-)

Comment Re:Ultra Fast is relative (Score 1) 147

I came back to NZ in 2011. Internet was total rubbish back then.
Now, it's becoming world leading, amazing transformation, in the past couple of years alone.
I RDC in to desktops in the US and UK everyday. Both are perfectly usable latency wise, biggest issues are at the UK and US ends where the offices aren't on fiber!
If I RDC in to my local office from home, it's so good I can happily play video over RDC.
Really looking forward to those new overseas pipes going in though, just to improve overseas transfer speeds.

Comment Re:Ultra Fast is relative (Score 1) 147

There are direct cables to the US from NZ.
a new "Tasman Global Access" cable will be in operation March 2017 (to Oz) and another direct cable to the US (Hawaiki Cable) active June 2018.
A further cable to the US is apparently being planned for 2019 as well, concentrating on less lag.
I have a feeling NZ is setting itself up to be the next Ireland, IT is now NZ's third biggest export.

Comment Re:With an small download cap! (Score 1) 147

Err, I haven't had a download cap here in NZ for many years, I don't know of anyone who doesn't choose an unlimited plan.
Glowing strands of fiber in my living room (everyone gets two strands of fiber in fact for future proofing!), can't beat that! Everyone who has access to fiber can get Gigabit Internet now.
New overseas pipes also going live shortly.
Also, we have one of the fastest 4G networks in the world, that's because we DO have caps on mobile data usage.
NZ Internet has come a LONG way in the past few years, was stone age in 2011.

Comment Re:What about stop making stuff super thin? (Score 1) 289

Pff, whatever, if it was half a millimeter thicker, it would've ruined the entire aesthetics of the device and everyone would've just called it fatty-fat-fone. I'd rather have it exploding and burning me than walk around with fatty-fat-fone.
Americans and have no idea what a millimeter is and will believe this. Muah ha ha ha!

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 196

Interesting thoughts, but flawed.

I like the idea of a company I've brought something from making record profits if what I buy from them is worth the money I've paid, then it's not over the odds.

For example, recently I got work to buy an iPhone 7 (to replace my Samsung S5. Prior to that I had a Nexus 4).
Wow, what a friggen awesome phone compared to my S5, they way iOS works is head and shoulders above Android (in my mind). Was so impressed with the device, I spent my own money to buy another iPhone 7 for the wife, who's smitten with it.

Can't say I've felt that way with an Android device at the same price point. Therefore the price that Apple has their devices at is OK. Yes, of course we'd all like things to be cheaper, but hey, I can afford it so fuck it, why not.

Can't afford one at the price Apple charges or don't like using iOS, then don't buy one, pretty simple.

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