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Comment Not sure what to think.... (Score 4, Insightful) 798

I'm not sure how I feel about this. If it was my estimation that the two political parties were more interested in what is best for America, rather than just winning their ideological war, this would hold more weight for me.

Snowdon seems the logical "other pardon". Not sure I'd like that to happen. Would prefer a trial where he would be allowed to make his case. Manning wasn't afforded that opportunity either.

Neither case is at the instigation of a foreign government. So the issues need to be gone through in an open court so the country can understand the issues. And legally decide whether a crime was committed, or these were justified acts done by patriots.

Comment Alarming... (Score 1) 99

Well the day had to come. Though it's too bad these guys are dying off while there's a "moon landing denial movement". Which is sad.

We need to get another crew up there soon as a way to combat ongoing anti-scientific "belief systems" before we dumb down the entire country to the point we do something really stupid.

Comment Going after Carmack? (Score 2, Interesting) 136

They better have real evidence. If you filled a 100ft by 100ft room full of the smartest people on earth- Carmack would be in the room. That's big game hunting.

You don't sue a person like that- you make a deal. Because he doesn't need to win- it was his brain. He already won.

Comment At least it's something.... (Score 5, Insightful) 336

Let's face it... it's not as if replacing Jobs was going to be an easy task- it may have been impossible.

That being said, Apple is not living up to the standard Jobs set. Maybe that's Cook's fault... maybe not. The recent products are lame. They've eviscerated their computer business. So if new products don't hit... it's not like they can fall back on the unfulfilled promise of OSX. They've been so successful with new consumer innovations, they've tossed away all the vertical markets they used to rule.

This is a dangerous position. They shouldn't cut his pay- they should fire him and find someone to take over.

Comment Is this how it goes?? (Score 2) 502

Interesting thought...

What if the actual end of humanity is caused, because as an aggregate, we are smart enough to understand and avoid it, but the majority of our biomass isn't smart.

Perhaps, we've got too much of a spread in ability between intelligent folks and those who are constitutionally incapable of understanding the complexities of a large data set. Or the mathematics needed to interpret it. Or lack the desire to do the work that leads to understanding.

There's so many factors involved.

Comment Bob Lazar.... (Score 0) 470

This really closes a circle for me. For some time I'd been hearing that Bob Lazar, the supposed physicist, had been spending a lot of time in China... Now we know...

With the synthesis of Element 114, the Chinese must have created a stable isotope based on Mr. Lazar's information gleaned from Groom Lake.

Comment Justice. (Score 5, Insightful) 188

Back in the 80's when my physics chops were far better I was sure they were on to something.

Just goes to show, that even in the scientific community, bias can play a part in what gets to the public. Just because they are scientists, doesn't mean they aren't human.

I hope those two guys get their due. They deserve it, and they took a ration of grief which damaged their careers. Fleischmann is dead- but someone should wrote Pons a check since he's still kicking around..

Submission + - Comapny disables software of buyer who posted "bad" review

Brymouse writes: Ham Radio Deluxe, a $99 radio control and logging program popular in the amateur radio community, disabled the software of a user after he posted a potentially bad review (was 3/5 stars, now 1/5). Further this user was directed to install the update which disabled the application by HRD's own support.

The original thread was then deleted from "news" site QRZ.com as HRD is a major advertiser and complained about copyright violations from the user posting a PDF of his support ticket. Reddit picked it up here and more research was done showing a pattern of blacklisting bad reviews.

This was picked up by Jason Scott, of the internet archive, on twitter and Ham Radio Deluxe threatened him with libel for posting it.

As of yesterday HRD says an offical statement will be "coming soon". The Strieisand Effect continues with QRZ.com undeleting the threads and HRD still trying to claim copyright on their customers support ticket.

Comment Reality.... (Score 1) 85

Considering there's more FBI UFO material floating around from FOIA requests than that for COINTELPRO, I have a hard time believing that all this stuff amounts to nothing.

However, what that "something" actually is... could be anything from "Greys being real" to "old vacuum cleaner bags spew dust".

Smart people know something is up. People who do not know the limits of their own intellect build folklore as fact.

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