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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 2219

This. This is how web development is (or should be) phased. It's even how Google does it. Dice's approach with the beta site is taking (however poorly) influences from other sites and not the tried-and-tested features that makes /. great. Dice really doesn't seem to get why their website works. They demonstrated this by scrapping the entire comment section for the beta site; they failed to understand that this is the single primary feature on /.

If they want to make changes to /., fine. But do so in a evolutionary manner and not revolutionary. Improvements can be made, but do so incrementally and rely on data analysis to know when they work and when they fail. The UI needs to be cleaned up and made more accessible for mobile devices. Start with this.

Comment Re:Hello I'm british (Score 1) 95

Yip. Tornados occur when two fronts collide, typically north and south.

Because of this, tornado season varies for all states. In Kansas and Oklahoma, tornado season is primarily in late spring to mid-summer. Other states, like Ohio, may have tornados in August through October.

If I recall correctly, in tornado alley they typically form on the south-east side of the two colliding fronts, at least on this hemisphere. So when you have the two fronts collide, the funnel will almost always form at the "end" of the storm.

Comment Re:Hundreds or thousands (Score 1) 95

Britain is an island. Per unit area is not an appropriate way to justify this statement: "The UK has the most tornados in the world per unit area."

Having been raised in "Tornado Alley", the majority of Tornados go unreported. They are too commonplace. Plus, we have had tornados one mile in circumference. So if your'e going to use per unit area (since Britain is an island), you need to include the unit area of the tornados themselves. For instance, a one mile wide tornado that is on the ground for an hour will make the recorded history of *all* tornados occurring in the UK irrelevant.

Let me know when you see this...


That day, over 50 tornados were reported. I personally saw 7.

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