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Submission + - Build your own Stingray (

bferrell writes: Why let the law enforcement operate be the only operators of stingrays? Here's an article on how to build one for yourself.

Comment Better agencies to address this (Score 1) 160

would be the FTC (Fereral Trade commission) and ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission). They were both set up to deal with the same issue decades ago... Fair pricing for carriage of "goods". In this case the good are packets and then it was beef and grain on the railroads, but the ISPs (carriers of goods) are acting not, like the railroad did then. Similar issues should be solvable by similar means

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging?' (Score 1) 990

When the Tesla model 3 comes out, it's already been announced free access to super chargers isn't part of the package. A super charger is required to get charge time down to 45 minutes. It takes a LOT longer than that without the supercharger.

chargers are really a simple problem in queuing theory, similar to sewer design. blockages are held. Three guesses what a battery electric represents at a charger.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 5, Insightful) 990

The entitled are desperate to keep people from thinking about not having a garage.

Battery electrics basic assumption is that of entitlement... Everyone owns their dwelling and has access to a charger dedicate for their individual use. Just another way of saying "I got mine, so screw you"

Silicon valley is already seeing "charger rage" incidents where access to shared chargers just isn't working.

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