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Comment Re: Nah... (Score 1) 659

Considering that his inaugural approval rate is 45%, according to Gallup, then I'm willing to believe his base is close to 40% of the electorate. That approval rate, by the way, is the lowest of any modern president. I agree that he's unlikely to run in 2020. I also think he's likely to resign or face impeachment and removal before that. But then, I also didn't think he'd win the nomination, much less the election, so what do I know?

Comment Re:It only took a self drving car. (Score 1) 383

In Houston, we have several excellent off-street bike paths, but many more miles of on-street bike lanes. Those are mostly terrible. In most cases, bicycles in Texas may use any street that a car may use, excepting highways. Personally, I've ridden the streets in Houston for many years without serious incident and prefer them to the so-called bike lanes which, as I noted, are mostly terrible.

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