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Comment Health Ignorant Public (Score 2) 240

The major issue is that people as a rule are lazy so expect a simple quick fix to all their problems in life.
Illness, pop a pill
Fat, gastric band
etc, etc

As a previous poster mentioned most problems that a GP comes across will be fought and fixed by your body with a little assistance of paracetamol or ibuprofen to keep down temps.

We have become too reliant on an easy fix and need to return to eating properly, exercising and not being too clean.....

Build up your natural ability to fight illness, only go to a GP when you have a serious problem. The NHS generates this lazy reliance on the GP for everything!!

Comment Just use what works (Score 1) 965

Use what feels right, there is too much noise about the various options.

If you can do the (short) learning curve Ubuntu (yes with Unity) can do pretty much any day to day task, productivity or otherwise.

I am not a Linux guru but just a small business admin so have to use all the OS's on a daily basis. I find Ubuntu the most natural desktop for ME others will disagree but I have been on Ubuntu for all my business functions for 8 months and have never failed to get the job done, office admin, accounts, graphics, CRM, you name it I do it all on my laptop.

I do boot back into win8 occasionally for a laugh but it really is so slow and painful to be productive I simply cannot use it.

OSX is a paragon of useability for non IT people but as has alredy been stated its not really geared to be "managed" in the traditional sense, that lovely veneer of ease of use becomes a ball and chain in a managed business environment.

So If you have got this far, take a punt on Ubuntu but really commit dont give up after a few days as its unfamiliar once you settle in you will wonder how you did without it, I do.....and yes I am still an MCP/MCSE.......

Comment Re:stuff it. (Score 1) 55

From here it simply looks like they all moved on, they are not wasting time debating with all the naysayers.

Cant agree on Linux in general, my business in the UK is based on technical support into the home market and Linux use is growing every day, the pain users are having with Win8 is driving them to other options, OSX or Linux. Mostly however they are using other devices as much as possible ipads or tabs.

They kids dont give a toss what they use, its all web services so, iphone, Android, PS3 or xbox they dont care....

I agree on the generally negative trend on most subjects, I have not taken part in a while after a couple of my comments got me rated as BAD karma.

Seems like any disagreement with the "mob" means you are some sort of nut!!

Oh well probably more negative mods.....

Comment Linux just works Ubuntu Unity (Score 0) 965

I had been using windows up to XP, then had to develop some software on the then new OSX. Suffice to say I didnt switch full time and after a short period playing with various distros moved to Debian GNOME and subsequently Ubuntu.

I like Unity (yes I know) and it does just work for me, its modern and friendly and new users dont need any training to use it. Try getting a 70 year old lady to use the "search charm" in windows 8 and you will know pain.....Unity however took her under 5 mins to pick up.......

I find frustration and delay whenever I must use Win 8 or other OS. I am not a fanboi and simply use Ubuntu cause it works on anything I throw it at, end users I show it to have the odd question but generally just get on with running their home businesses or whatever.

So it depends on what you mean by "just works" I am called to support as many OSX users as Windows so it suggests both are equally tricky!

I made the switch and feel no need to go back, just for balance I feel the Windows Phone 8 interface is crack on shame there are no apps and MS pissed off every person who bought a 7.5 device by making 8 incompatible.

Comment Trisquel in use (Score 0) 109

This is a great distro if you usually use Ubuntu but have problems on install with graphics compatibility. I use this as the main alternative distro when I am re-purposing old laptops for cash poor clients.

The political element is a nice and I fully understand its importance but its biggest selling point is its "like" Ubuntu but better on older / unusual hardware.

Its great work and I support it every day in my IT Support business for charities and home businesses.


Comment Interface change is necessary (Score 0) 1040

I have to say that as a multiplatform guy the new interfaces are really interesting.

I am a work iphone user and this weekend got a Windows Mango phone and it blew me away so easy and intuative.

Innovation is necessary and can only lead to better products.

I love all the attempts to make things better.


Comment Re:Can someone enlighten me why (Score 0) 73

Matt, you and the teams work is excellent to take on such a huge project with highly defined goals from day one and essentially reinvent the clustering model is valuable research that I am sure will pay dividends to all free software advocates.

Well Done on the new release.


Comment Re:Sorry for you brits (Score 0) 650

Oh yeah, forgot its the land of the free........unless you want to actually do anything that might piss of the Republican Party, Oil Companies, various religious groups or cash a travelers cheque.

Give me a break, freedom is a right to be protected and earned and this bill does not harm the essential rights of the british people, just gives us another tool to kick the scumbags with if necessary.

Cause as we know the scumbags know the laws better than most lawyers and with the European Human Rights act they have all the tools they need to setup camp in the uk no matter what they have done elsewhere as they "might" not have had a fair trial.

We cannot even repatriate convicted terrorists from here because of the protections in these laws.

We really dont need lectures from the good old US of A on freedom. Come live here and you will see a truly free society.

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