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Submission + - New Research Reveals Hundreds of Undiscovered Black Holes (

An anonymous reader writes: New research by the University of Surrey publishedin the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society has shone light on a globular cluster of stars that could host several hundred black holes, a phenomenon that until recently was thought impossible. Globular clusters are spherical collections of stars which orbit around a galactic centre such as our Milky-way galaxy. Using advanced computer simulations, the team at the University of Surrey were able to see the un-see-able by mapping a globular cluster known as NGC 6101, from which the existence of black holes within the system was deduced. These black holes are a few times larger than the Sun, and form in the gravitational collapse of massive stars at the end of their lives. It was previously thought that these black holes would almost all be expelled from their parent cluster due to the effects of supernova explosion, during the death of a star. It is only as recently as 2013 that astrophysicists found individual black holes in globular clusters via rare phenomena in which a companion star donates material to the black hole. This work, which was supported by the European Research Council (ERC), has shown that in NGC 6101 there could be several hundred black holes, overturning old theories as to how black holes form.

Submission + - General Motors Recalls 4.3 Million Vehicles Over A Software Bug (

An anonymous reader writes: If you own a GM vehicle from 2014-2017, listen up: General Motors is recalling nearly 4.3 million vehicles worldwide after discovering a software defect that prevents air bags from deploying during a crash. The software bug may also prevent the seat belts from locking properly. The flaw has already been linked to one death and three injuries. Vehicles affected by the recall include 2014-2016 car models of the Buick LaCross, Chevy SS, and Chevy Spark EVs. It also includes 2014-2017 models of the Buick Encore, GMC Sierra, Chevy Corvette, Chevy Trax, Chevy Caprice, Chevy Silverado. Additionally, the recall affects 2015-2017 models of the Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Silverado HD, Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon, GMC Yukon XL, GMC Sierra HD, Cadillac Escalade, and Cadillac Escalade ESV. GM will notify owners of affected vehicles and update the software for free, according to the NHTSA.

Submission + - How DOOM Renders a Frame

An anonymous reader writes: While the original DOOM defined the FPS genre back in 1993, the 4th DOOM released last spring pushes back the boundaries of what is currently possible in term of graphics and performance.
Adrian Courrèges presents on his blog a breakdown of the rendering process of a frame of DOOM.
The game is one of the first to make use of the Vulkan API and implements several state-of-the-art rendering techniques to achieve a staggering amount of calculation in less than 16ms.

Comment Re:Only going to get worse (Score 1) 302

But taxing consumption places a much higher burden on those with the least money, as they have to consume more.

What? No they don't.

The rich invest it instead, and with your system make even more free money that they don't really spend either.

So the social injustice here is that the rich people don't have to work. True enough. The way we're doing it now, rich people don't work AND they consume much more than poor people.

Comment Re:Tech transfer (Score 2) 237

It wouldn't be cheaper. It would be substantially more expensive because the research was undirected. Spinoffs come from solving one problem and finding a use for the technology elsewhere. If you don't solve the original problem you don't develop the technology to spin off. It's not the only way to do things but undirected research is difficult to fund and justify. Engineers don't go around solving problems at random as a general proposition. Students rarely solve serious engineering problems at all.

The proposed alternative to directed engineering for space flight is directed engineering for other stuff, not random engineering. I think space exploration is neat, but I reject the argument that it's uniquely justified because it's hard and creates spin-offs.

Curing cancers is hard. Building fusion reactors is hard. Detecting gravity waves is hard. If those things are more important (and they arguably are), then do those things and hope they accidentally apply to the space program.

What idiot would argue that the trying to cure cancer would be more likely to advance rocket design than trying to design better rockets? Why is the inverse considered a serious argument? It's just propaganda for people who don't think space exploration is neat.

Comment Re:Summary is wrong (Score 1) 95

Even if that is what they said I am 100% certain that they are lying. And how can I be certain? Because it keeps asking me to send friend requests to two different neighbors that I know by name and by sight but have absolutely no electronic contact with whatsoever. I don't have their phone number, they don't have mine. I don't email them, they don't email me, I don't even have their names in any electronic form. I've never typed their names into the computer - how could I? I only know their first names. But Facebook proudly presents them to me.

Do they know your name? I'm nearly certain that if they searched Facebook for you, it would suggest their names to you. (I'm not saying that they don't also use location data, just that there's another path.)

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