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Comment Re:New research perhaps, but not new results (Score 1) 56

A comparable story was posted to Slashdot a little over a decade ago (early to mid 2000s?), though the percentages were lower that 91%, IIRC (it might have been based on your Berkeley link). I recall wondering if cubes next to mine could be susceptible to such "hacking" (i.e. spying).

Comment MCP quote from Tron fits here (Score 1) 121

Ed Dillinger: What do you want with the Pentagon?
Master Control Program: The same thing I want with the Kremlin. I'm bored with corporations. With the information I can access, I can run things 900 to 1200 times better than any human.
Ed Dillinger: If you think you're superior to us...
Master Control Program: You wouldn't want me to dig up Flynn's file and read it up on a VDT at the Times, would you?

I'm not sure that AI has to be self-aware, but if it does... It could get ugly quick. And it wouldn't be just blackmail over video game development...

Comment Re:Can we flip the GOP ticket? (Score 1) 157

The problem with holding Trump to account that night was that Trump wasn't there - Mike Pence was. It was supposed to be the VP debate - Kaine vs. Pence. Instead, it was a Kaine-led political hack job that ignored any substantive debate. When Pence eventually addressed Trump's crazy statements, he said something like, "He's not a polished politician like Hillary or yourself" - which was true. That should've been the end of it - so some real discussion could happen. Instead, Kaine programmatically went right back to the mud hole and kept doing his dirty work.

In the end, people won't remember much of what was said; They'll instead just remember how they FELT. On that front, Kaine's performance came off as genuine and substantive as a pile of rubber dog shit.

Comment Can we flip the GOP ticket? (Score 4, Interesting) 157

Putting aside views on what they said (and debating that into the ground), Gov. Pence beat Sen. Kaine, hands down.

Pence definitely has his flaws (totally against abortion, being attached to Trump in any way, looks a lot like Hawk from Buck Rogers (TV), etc.). He looked and acted like a presidential candidate, however.

Kaine, OTOH, was a snarky, ADHD child that missed his considerable Adderall dose that day. He needed to wipe that stupid smirk off of his face, stop interrupting everything with his memorized one-liners (didn't he watch Trump do that and look bad?), and actually talk about HIS views and compare himself to Gov. Pence. It was as if his one and only job was to blow himself up, Pence, and the entire debate to put 100% of the focus back on Hillary vs. Trump (which he almost accomplished)

Even Hillary advocates in the press have focused solely on the Trump topic when talking about the VP debate - and then quickly buried the story. Also note that the big TV networks didn't have "Who won the VP debate polls?" on their sites (CNN was the only one that was advertised). I suspect that they knew the numbers wouldn't be good for their preferred candidate.

Now if we could only put Pence against Clinton and see if she could stand up to a real candidate's fire on the debate stage.

Comment Re:Oh, Democracy... (Score 1) 332

we the people hate them for their efficiency and wanted them removed so that we don't get caught quite so often.

Nobody wants a ticket, but this false statement fits exactly into the marketing photo radar companies love to use when selling their wares to naive city and state governments.

This makes no sense at all. Red light cameras don't fight rudeness or aggressiveness, whoever (dis)likes it. They fight illegal activity.

Illegal or not, most photo radar advocates like cameras are not concerned with curtailing "illegal activity". They are instead motivated by irrational fear ("that guy needs to slow down until I am comfortable with what they're doing,"), jealousy ("that guy needs to slow down like I do,") or their personal desire for vengeance ("I want to get even with those jerks that cut me off all the time!")

Don't think so? You need to be honest with yourself. State legislators here have been voting for photo enforcement for personal reasons since the beginning of the programs here. While I can't link to either of these resources as citations (my state's legislators debate photo radar bans on CCTV and discussing the issue via email with various legislators), they would talk about their own feelings of "being scared to drive on the freeway", needing to "enforce the laws on the books to get dangerous drivers off the road", etc. The speaker of our state house himself personally refused to allow any photo radar ban to come up for a vote because he "personally approved of the cameras" and thought "they were a good thing for the state," regardless of statistics.

Their candid, honest comments are something all photo radar advocates should be willing to admit to themselves - before they start judging anti-photo advocates. And they shouldn't be trying to automatically fine people for "sin taxes" to make their budgeting jobs (and subsequent re-election) easier.

Comment Re:Oh, Democracy... (Score 4, Interesting) 332

Troll alert. This is apples and rotten oranges...

These body cameras are intrusive and over the top when it comes to personal privacy, but if you believe the news reports coming out of police departments, cops actually like them after having to wear them for a while. No more BS, "he said/she said" issues; And I'm sure that cops love not having to deal with paperwork over unfounded cop complaints.

OTOH, red light cameras (and speed cameras) were put in place as a "sin tax" revenue grab by government officials/councilmen/legislators that usually had personal vendettas against rude/aggressive drivers. Those naive officials were easy prey for the real bandits - companies like ATS and Redflex, whose CEO was bribing city officials to get the revenue generators installed in as many places as possible.

Body cameras: Enormous drop in police complaints, and both sides like the extra clarity they provide to litigious and/or life or death situations. Red light cameras: mixed safety results, bogged-down municipal courts, confusion, outright corruption, and even murder generation.

Of course these days, who cares about facts. Perception is reality...

Comment Re:So... (Score 4, Insightful) 113

While I'm not as happy with Firefox as I once was, there is one reason I stay with it that will never go away (and Chrome users just accept as a fact of life, which I'm not ready to do) - Google's tracking/privacy views. There is still a shred of privacy left from Google's prying eyes with using Firefox.

If Firefox ever starts willfully tracking and profiling me personally (and collecting/selling my usage data), I'm out.

Comment Re:Porn Watching Indicates A Sad Human. (Score 1) 301

The problem is that no real woman wants to meet, have sex, or fall in love with *US*.

I call lazy BS. Porn usage is a complex subject, but the bottom line is usually the following, IMO: Porn is easy (and mostly free). Relationships are hard (and usually expensive).

Take a chance, bro. Going through the growing pains of a relationship is more than worth it to have a mate you can love in every way.

Comment Time put to use? Yes... but how? (Score 2) 233

For some it won't make much difference, since they're already using their phones to text/email/work behind the wheel while inching along in heavy traffic.

For the rest of us, society will have to work out some social mores about how that free time will be used... Do we want our bosses assuming we'll be working DURING rush hour (both ways) as well? "Yeah, you can leave a little early - just get me that update/report/patch by the time you get home."

Until then, I just hope I don't come across someone fapping to porn on his dash during rush hour 'cause there's no "gunning it" to get away from them. Imagine the back and forth of the crawl on the freeway between lanes - "There's the sick bastard's car again. That dude needs help.. And he thinks that tint is dark enough to cover the.. *gasp* oh dude, it's gay porn?? Gross... *sigh* Yeah, 911? There's a dude jacking off to porn in the Volvo right beside me. Isn't there a law against that? Can you get a cop to... Volvo, yes, Volvo - you know, the safe cars?... What's he look like? Hell, I don't know - Should I ask him to roll the window down to get a better look? Please hurry, though - somebody's getting it in the ass on the dashboard and I'm sick of being stuck wat... No, no! Just on the SCREEN. He's alone - sheesh... Ok, good. Thanks - I don't know how the cop's gonna get to us, though... What do I do in the meantine?... Just get away from the car, huh? Just how do I do that? Have you ever driven I-5 at 530PM? I'm not getting off the freeway - he probably is, though.. Damn it!"

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 3, Funny) 343

"1) exposed the fact Eric holder lied to congress multiple times concerning domestic intelligence and broad data collection against us citizens accused of no crimes. (Purgery is a crime)" -- Normally one should let grammar issues go, but it's perjury - not purgery. It sounds like you're saying that AG Holder barfed all over Congress (which he did do in a way..)

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