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Comment Re:Ubuntu Is Dying A Slow Death (Score 1) 92

Yeah, we've switched to 16.04/Unity at work - usable, stays out of the way.

One of the few DE's that works well with multiple monitors - vertical launcher/task bars that lets you lock apps to the bar. Perfect for widescreen monitors, vertical realestate is valuable. Mate/LXDE/XFCE are all lacking there. KDE works well but ridiculously flacky eye candy.

Comment Re:It's just so sluggish now (Score 1) 515

but konsole is just so much nicer than the terminal that comes with Xfce.

This - I loath what KDE has become, but for me some kde apps are best of class and I really miss them - konsole, Dolphin, task bars that work in vertical orientation, kmail - when it works.

Having said that, the instability constant rewrites, developer attitude and abandonware have become to much. I run std Ubuntu/Unity now at work, much happier for it. Just gets stuff done.

Comment Re:It might be coming... (Score 1) 147

Try Australia - unless you have the NBN (*Government Business Enterprise* funded fibre) a business fibre connection is $1,200+ (yes over one thousand dollars) per *month*, thats for around 20/20. 1GB isn't even available.

Private enterprise has completely failed telcoms in Oz. Labor stared a visionary fibre to the home infrastructure project but the LNP/Murdock killed it.

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 5, Insightful) 150

How does this impact me or most other people in any significant way? I don't think it does.

I'll get modded down because this is an unpopular question to ask. But it needs to be asked. Shouldn't we put our resources to better use, like stopping global warming? Can anyone give me a good answer? I'm doubting it.

No you'll be modded down because its an idiotic question to ask, not mention flamebait.

Comment Pay the damn ransom (Score 1) 265

And learn from it. Secure your networks, introduce user training, a decent enterprise virus checker and lock down PC's. Also setup a disaster recovery system.

We got hit by a rootkit ransom ware virus a couple of years ago and I admit our virus checking and control of user pc's was piss poor - it took out nearly everything, proved impossible to remove without destroying the pc setups.

Fortunately we had virtualised all our workstations a year before (Proxmox Cluster - kvm) and had full image backups of everything with a 6 month rolling history, plus online data backups. We were able to rollback the whole cluster two months and restore data from online. Took a weekend but saved our bacon.

Since then we have rolled out webroot to all the VM's and forced firewalls plus windows defender via group policy. Haven't had a problem since.

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