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Comment Re: Microphone? (Score 1) 43

An interesting idea, but it may not be sensitive to typical audio variations in air pressure ,it didn't seem to say this in the article. If I can compare it to say deforming a piece of wood with a nail... there's a certain minimum pressure before you can see any deformation of the wood (before the nail makes any scratch or mark). The silly putty might be too thick. If you think about existing microphone components, I'd argue they get moved rather than deformed. Alternatively, ou could imagine making a very thin wire which *does* bend/deform, but I'm not so sure you could make a thin wire from silly putty.

Comment Monthly subscription = one star review (Score 2) 50

I'm not even interested in using the app, but this kind of BS inspires the social justice warrior / idealist in me to go to Google play store and leave a one star review.

Some services, perhaps that include monthly changing content or might be too expensive to pay for outright, could be justified with a monthly subscription. This can't. Removing ads doesn't provide $2 worth of value per month.

Come with me. Who else wants to give an entitled anti-capitalism 1-star vote?

Or an ironic 5 star review?: MS, you cured my cancer! And let my 3 pet blind mice see again. So worth the $2 per month.

Comment Editors, please... (Score 1) 45

As already pointed out (+5 by sacrilicious), the TFS doesn't make sense. Why not update the summary with the missing line of the quote and include the disclaimer "EDIT: summary updated with full relevant quote".

Mistakes are human, but fixing them is an act of kindness to the readers that don't hit the site in the first wave.

Comment Re: This is kind of ridiculous... (Score 2) 236

You make fair points, but as devil's advocate...saying when something goes wrong and it gets in the news means there must be more going on that doesn't get in the news is the pessimist's perspective.

The flip side is, it's a big world. If I see murders and rapes on the news, it doesn't mean I necessarily need to be afraid in my own neighborhood.

So far, this kind of thing that Google has done hasn't affected me or my friends or my family. So one misunderstanding won't represent all of Google for all people.

Comment There already should be public backlash... (Score 4, Insightful) 412

There already should be public backlash against government surveillance, Trump or no Trump.

Because people (including government people) aren't good at keeping secrets and make too many assumptions.

There's no question in my mind that the US government spends too much money and other resources on this stuff. If Trump is the straw that breaks the camel's back and causes enough resentment to actually change something post-Trump then so be it.

Comment The less popular candidate wins again? (Score 1) 2837

Looks like Clinton had more voters in her favor and still loses. As happened when George W Bush won the presidency.

I'm not American, but if I lived in California, a landslide victory state in favour of Clinton, I would be disappointed that my vote doesn't really count. If I wanted Clinton to win and my State's already voting that way, I can't do anything to affect the balance of the closer tied states.

The USA is the country that talks about democracy the most, but the system is pretty far from a true democracy.

Sure, the votes were close, but I'm sure I could construct a scenario where a presidential candidate could get a large majority of votes, especially in the most populous states and still lose the election.

Comment FBI is a cult (Score 0) 134

... of somewhat crazy people that waste time and money. An overly powerful, overly funded cult. As with many cults, I don't think I would want to work with/for an organization that gets in the news for so many ridiculous things so often.

Hey America, why not vote for someone who's smart enough to do a cost-benefit analysis on the FBI and make changes? I don't know who, but it's probably not Trump or Clinton.

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