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Comment Who's responsible? (Score 1) 427

FFS, they shouldn't be requesting this kind of warrant, and it shouldn't be issued. It's so obviously too broad and against human rights. Both the person who requested this warrant and the person that issued it should face repercussions, as should the feds overall for obstructing justice of the freedom of the people.

Comment Re:What will it look like 3 years later? (Score 1) 159

It's a fair post, but shouldn't have been modded up so high because it's factually unlikely to be a problem.

Apples and oranges. You can't compare wearing away paint with wearing away plastic.The layer of paint would be thin and raised too, compared to a thicker uniform plastic surface.

Modders please downvote the original post (with no disrespect to the poster) or upvote some of the replies.

Comment Musk's doing a dishonour to science.. (Score 1) 1042

... he's abusing his own fame to push his own unfounded beliefs. I wish he wouldn't try and quantify it by saying there's a very high probability we're in a simulation, a very low probability we're not. As a person in a scientific / engineering industry there's a chance he'll get people believing he knows what he's talking about. Especially people who distrust religion and want to believe that people in the scientific / technology fields are credible

He can't justify those numbers in any way

Being smart about something has no relation to being smart about everything, as we've seen with inventors, leaders and thinkers of the past that had beliefs outside their fields that are seen as outrageous today.

His argument... there are some beings that have humungous computing resources (why?how?assuming murphy's law extends forever?) that have been simulating what (a few generations of people? several billions of years of the whole universe? and why?). There are so many assumptions, it's ridiculous.

Comment Buzzwords no substitute for an accurate summary (Score 1) 163

Edit (typos)
Buzzwords no substitute for an accurate summary

This is verging on click bait.

"Indonesia wants to criminalize political parody" would be better. I would have some insight about what the TFS is about.

Include the word "memes" too if you want, it's a real word with a real meaning, but it's just insufficient in this case.

I don't think we're talking about "I can haz cheeseburgers?" here.

/Sigh/, while I'm up on my soapbox, posting to slashdot on mobile still sucks, since there's no edit/delete can we *please *have preview capability?

Comment Buzzwords are not a substitute for an accurate sum (Score 1) 163

This is verging on click bait.

"Indonesia wants to criminalize political parody" would be better. I would have some insight about what the TFS is about.

Include the word "memes" too if you want, it's a real word with a real meaning, but it's just insufficient in this case.

I don't think we're talking about "I can haz cheeseburgers?â here.

Comment I doubt anyone will need to sue anyone else (Score 1) 209

... I'm not from a country where suing people is a common occurrence but usually the way you fix is through the beauracracy. With a few sensible steps to shortcut the process.

You call/email/talk to people until you find someone that has any measure of power, and escalate to management as necessary.

If you have a bill that is "signed" by the manager of some collections department etc of the company (even though it would have been processed by some underling), you politely request that person's phone number and establish a one-to-one dialog, explaining calmly that it's clearly a mistake and that you expect the charges to be reversed and a full explanation of what has happened.

If you have a name of someone who is, or should be, responsible within the company, you can often infer an email address. or some such. If you have one person's email, you can infer another's.

Phone and-or email at least weekly. Ideally keep a polite, calm,reasonable email paper trail, copy in anyone you've talked to along the way. Don't get angry but do insist that it's clearly a mistake, that you expect someone to take responsibility and that you expect the charges to be reversed.

The biggest surprise, as with so many news stories, is that it became a news story at all. If you are a squeaky enough wheel, you basically become someone's full-time job to figure out some kind of solution.

Comment Science article: the real numbers are at the origi (Score 2) 86

The numbers are easier to understand here:

Both Owen Hughes' ibtimes article and the summary say "triple" the speed, which. should be four times the speed.

Three times faster is technically correct, but seems asinine when allowing this kind of English should allow you to say "one time faster" for twice as fast ("my new car can go one time faster than my old car").

Comment Re:Hoax (Score 1) 212

Exactly. And for something like this if you're not sure it's a con or not, there's a nice exercise in critical thinking...

Can you imagine the monetary budget required and time / boredom involved with cops or BBC staff actually driving around doing this even with perfect technology.

It's not hard to see that it's just not that likely unless you're paranoid, buy into conspiracy theories, and have a belief in people's extreme devotion to boring, useless jobs.

Comment Aaaghhh, my eyes! (Score 1) 66

The first WTF was the disclaimer itself, but OK, if you must. Buy then, not one but two sets of weasel words?!!

"Necessarily", "in most cases". Choose one and leave it at that.

I'm not necessarily an old pregnant black Kenyan woman most of the time.

In fact, today I'm a young, white, male, New Zealander.

Comment Cherry picked data is cherry picked (Score 1) 304

...nothing to see here.

PS, if you search for "three aquatic mammals" you don't get three typical aquatic mammals either. You get a picture of a single seal or something because the text doesn't come up so much.

Because people don't take pictures and label them "3 black teenagers", for regular social photos more like: "me and my friends". The people that label photos like "three blahblah teenagers" are stock photography companies or police.

Google gave you what you searched for, it didn't anticipate your context and doesn't have a human level understanding of what a human is, let alone a black teenager.

Treat Google as a simple text and you won't be disappointed. Everything beyond that is a bonus. Google does it better than most, but...

AI, machine learning... there's some smoke and mirrors, some very impressive and valuable niche and specific applications, but does Google have the cognitive ability to hold a human-equivalent realistic model of the world?... that's the AI holy grail, we're not there yet.

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