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Comment Re:Too bad we don't have 1977 technologies anymore (Score 0) 56

The probes these days do orders of magnitude more science per mission than the Voyagers ever did. And they do it at a much finer grained quality as well.

Yep, this is the kind of banal reply I predicted the GP would get. Don't you think everybody and their dogs already know what you wrote?

Comment Re:Too bad we don't have 1977 technologies anymore (Score 4, Insightful) 56

I know your post will get a lot of hate, but there's truth to it: Voyager 1 still took the most impressive close-up photographs of Jupiter. Shit like this
And the images Voyager took of Saturn are pretty epic, too:

In their shortsightedness, they will say these aren't of great scientific value. A more sophisticated mind understands that the scientific importance of these images was enormous, because it inspire hundreds, if not thousands, to do science as their calling.

Comment Re:So much winning... (Score 1) 895

Is everybody tired of winning yet?

General Michael Flynn's tenure as NSA adviser is the shortest in US history (24 days). The previous record-holder was 348 days (Reagan's first NSA director). And I guarantee that Reagan's NSA director didn't resign because he was too cozy with and taking money from the Russians.

So much for "extreme vetting", I guess.

As an outsider, having a president that won't get into a war with the second largest nuclear power over the enforcement of a no-fly zone in Syria, yes, I'm still glad Hillary didn't win.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 3, Insightful) 626

Why was I hired and accepted? I had a combination of speciality and lack of people willing to work in the location the business concerned was located at.

Lack of people willing to work? The very fact you claim something you cannot know, makes me believe that you're just bullshitting. I am not a US citizen and I don't live there, but I can very easily believe that the company you're working at could have found the necessary workforce in the country, had they be willing to pay for it.

Comment Re:Queue the headphone jack comments (Score 1) 131

According to slashdot, the iPhone 7 should have failed, just like the iPod.

Meanwhile in the real world, losing an obsolete port was considered a small tradeoff for the water resistance everyone wanted.

Meanwhile, an ounce of common sense tells everyone else who isn't brain-washed that a headphone jack can be made water-resistant just like any other connector.

iPhones are a Veblen good. That's why they will always succeed with their target customers, no matter what.

Comment Re:Our coal is pathetic. Everybody laughs at it. (Score 1) 364

The GP is clearly sarcastic. I don't get the trigger-happy mods and the virtue-signaling replies.

I was the GP. I thought complaining about not being able to dump mercury into rivers would clearly signal that I was being sarcastic. (BTW last week Trump really did block an Obama rule keeping mercury out of rivers.)

I'm impressed the post got modded to hell as if I were being serious. (What could have happened to put everyone is in such a grouchy mood lately?)

And now my comment has been downmodded, too. This is what happens when you combine idiocracy and internet. And things are going to get gradually worse.

Comment Re:Reliability (Score 1) 210

My Samsung Galaxy S3 reliably understand about 100% of what I tell it, and that shit includes "etymology of persitalsis", "Diels-Alder reaction", "nucleophilic addition", "ambidextrous handguns", "Albert Camus most important works", "Brahms Hungarian Dances on Youtube", "dielectrophoresis". It's safe to say my phone is smarter than most people ;)

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