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Comment Re:Metastability (Score 1) 264

Once you get the result you *want*, you then spend 100% of your time writing, publishing, hyping, funding, and publishing some more.

MOST scientists are in it for the science, not glory / money / everything else you accuse us of.

Even if you're in it for the science, you spend most of your time writing, publishing, hyping, funding, and publishing some more.

Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 1) 147

How exactly is a gig economy going to provide benefits for things like starting a family.

It's not. It won't provide the benefits, and more to the point, it won't provide the economic security that's need to raise a kid and not risk getting thrown out on the street.

Unsurprisingly, fertility rates have fallen significantly below replacement in both the US and China.

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 920

And yet, there are a million political clickbait sites out there that DID portray the video as really being about killing Jews. And if $COMPANY doesn't fire him for the video, the clickbait sites will report that $COMPANY refused to fire him for his "video about killing Jews". And the reports might be fake, but $COMPANY will lose real business.

Welcome to the brave new world. Anything you say online can and will be used against you, fairly or not.

Comment Re:How many lives are saved by air pollution (Score 1) 123

I hear a lot of the pollution from India in the winter is from night watchmen in commercial establishments who burn little wood fires to stay warm. Incredibly polluting relative to the benefits, but apparently they don't have a better option.

India seems to be at the "sweet spot" where they are developed enough to create tons of pollution but aren't developed enough to eliminate it. China is a little further along, they have started taking significant steps to minimize pollution.

Comment Re:Tools and movements (Score 1) 216

Non-technical end users don't run their own email servers. Email servers/email addresses come in two main varieties:

- Internet services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MSN - most of which now have encryption
- Businesses like your employer and your bank - which mostly don't have encrytion. That should change.

Personally, I would LOVE to get my bank and credit card statements in encrypted emails. As it is right now, I just get an email saying "You have a message". Then I have to fight through an unintuitive web site with its own flaky message system and a username/PW I don't remember in order to find out what the message is. It's a MAJOR unnecessary pain.

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 1) 172

Of course that's affordable! If it's to be considered a cost of living in the boondocks, then the prices of your fruit and vegetables will have to rise a tiny bit to pay for it. But the average family farm probably earns $5000/month if not much more, so $125 extra would increase food prices by at most ~2%, and probably much less. Whatever the effect, the market would take care of it quite nicely, with no need for special government subsidies and the corruption that frequently comes with them.

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