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Comment Re:Porn. (Score 1) 319

It's not really the case on whether there is a system out there already, chances are there are plenty that could be likely candidates to explode in popularity; all it takes is the bandwagon to start.

I recently attended a quite interesting lecture by Toby Moore that talked about the 'Cool Curve', which essentially says that things just usually have to be there at the right time; there were plenty of better services than Twitter before Twitter existed, but people's comfort moved up a little bit which moved twitter into the cool curve.

Toby Moore on the Cool Curve

Comment Re:It is all about resolution (Score 1) 422

The early consoles couldn't even take care of the available resolution. NES was 256x240. Not to mention the 16 colour limitation on NES. SNES then looked better with the same (NTSC) display, as did N64. They were all major improvements on their predecessor.

I don't think you can improve that much on the existing consoles, definitely not the leaps and bounds they had in the early days.

This also the case with the XBOX360 and PS3, if you have a quick search on google there only seems to be a handful of games that run at 1080p natively; most games are merely up scaled from lower resolutions.

Comment Re:Search is still relevant... (Score 2, Informative) 348

> why would I want to install a dozen different applications (IMDB, Wikipedia etc.) when I can Google it and get the results on one page.

Because websites suck, and you're better of accessing the data on the sites via a tool hand crafted for the screen size/ui of the device you're viewing it on.

Because websites don't have mobile versions of their sites .. oh wait.

Comment Re:How Quickly They Forget (Score 1) 348

Look for the cost - of both the devices and bandwidth - to continue to decline over time.

Strangely enough they've actually gone up recently for AT&T and O2, with their 'unlimited' data plans being scrapped.

Although to be fair the product hasn't really changed much, if at all; they're just being more honest about the limit this time around.

Comment Re:I'd rather hear about a next gen console (Score 3, Insightful) 286

And please don't give me that "You don't *have* to upgrade, you can just ramp down the settings on the latest games" argument. Yes that's true. But we all know that most self-respecting gamers *hate* to do that.

After admiring the new purdy graphics on most games for about 10 minutes, I usually go back and turn the graphics way down to make sure I have a steady FPS; I get so immersed in games after about 20 minutes of gameplay I don't notice whether or not my shadows are perfectly smooth around the edges.

As long as the graphics aren't absolutely terrible to the point where it's distracting, I'll be happy playing on the lower settings.

Comment Re:Planned obsolescene is in common (Score 1) 398

In fashion, women are required to constantly buy new clothes lest they be considered "frumpy". Last year's clothes are perfectly good, quality-wise, but a culture has been created by which anyone who wears them is subject to public ridicule.

This only applies to people that buy into fads of fashion, good clothes are timeless and will always look good no matter when you bought them; unless you bought them when you were a few sizes smaller that is.

Comment Re:Not just Ease of Purchase, but Ease of Transiti (Score 1) 272

An iPod touch lasts for ever, I have already seen hand me downs.

Well I don't know about that, my iPod classic is only about 3 years old and the battery lasts about 8 hours when it's not even playing music; this of course wouldn't be a problem if I could replace the battery.

I can't imagine something that has a much more advanced screen would fair any better than a simple music player.

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