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Comment Re:Someone missed the Spirit of the Law (Score 1) 86

Have you ever in your life seen a design spec that covered all possible use cases?

Nope, but I've also not seen a protracted court battle over something that wasn't actually addressed in the contract's specs either. I've seen debates of what the spec means, but never have I been sued for non-conformance on a requirement not at least implied by the contract.

We have a serious problem in this country where our laws and regulations are out of hand and in many cases conflict with each other. This, my friends, is on of the paralyzing affects of "big government" and should not be so.

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 1) 549

I didn't consider it "normal" but, it was the price I paid to be gainfully employed by a Telco company during the dot com melt down in 2000. So the family and I could eat I kept taking the paycheck and putting up with the work hours and being on call. When I found a better situation, I moved on.

All I'm saying is you do what the job demands of you, or find another. If that's being on call 24/7, then that's what you do. If you cannot do it tell them you can't, but be prepared to get another job.

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 1) 549

However, I can imagine a situation where "on call" at "all times" is considered the norm. I've had such jobs, one where as the primary support engineer of a mission critical system, I was expected to be available after normal business hours should the need arise. I was given a cell phone, data service and a laptop to carry and it was my job to answer the phone when it rang, regardless of when it was or where I was. I was compensated accordingly for this availability and even took calls during "vacations" from time to time. I didn't get called that often at off hours, but when I did, I answered the phone. The company I worked for had contracted SLA's, and I was responsible to the customer to meet them.

I can see where a Trauma surgeon might be put "on call" for weeks and have specific response times. The very best of these know what they signed up for and are paid handsomely for their skills and availability. How a life choice like this is a bad one is beyond me. Work can be inconvenient and a pain at times, but if you take a job that requires after hours availability, or travel or whatever, you do what you agreed to do, and if you don't like it, find another job you do like.

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 1) 108

Solar beats it? Not on your life.... Solar is a really dirty business that uses a lot of energy. Building those solar cells is an environmental nightmare in it's own right, you just don't notice it because most of the bad stuff is done overseas these days but it produces hazardous chemical waste and uses scads of energy. When you get done with all the building, then solar struggles to produce more energy than it uses in production of the equipment before it is worn out.

Or to coin an old phrase: "Stick that where the sun don't shine!" and see how well it works...

Personally, I'm for "all of the above" when talking about energy production. Wind, solar, fossil fueled, you name it. But more than just production, I'm about conversation. Using LESS energy when possible is worth more than all the green/renewable sources you can come up with...

Comment Re:Not Netflix's fault (Score 1) 181

Also stop living in the past. The US was also founded on the principle's that only land owners got to vote and slaves counted as 3/5ths of a person. Things change.

Yet we are quite past all that now. Not to mention that NONE of these imply the government needs to be bigger to deal with the issue. In fact, all that was required was to change the law and practice of voting to what we have now.

Yes, things change, but just because some idea seems new to you, doesn't make it new nor does new mean better. I quite like the principles upon which this country was founded and I think folks like you are all too quick to abandon even the pretense of giving lip service to our founders principles. Of course that is to be expected when these principles are no longer taught or held as being historically important and revolutionary as they really were (and still are).

Socialists, progressives, liberals, communists, are all the same idea, bigger government is the answer, people cannot be responsible for themselves. Changing the name doesn't make it a different idea, nor does a different name produce a different result. I advocate for freedom and liberty and the necessarily small government that allows them to exist, for the genius of our founding principles.

Comment Re:Not Netflix's fault (Score 1) 181

Seriously, take it for what it obviously is. A mind set that says, "Government is the answer of last resort" and "Government should be as small as possible, and we should be striving to make it smaller."

There are way to many folks who think that any problem is a chance for a bigger government and that's simply wrong headed. We where founded with the principle of LIMITED government, with LIMITED powers that left us free in as many ways as possible. Now days, folks demand MORE government, more laws, more entitlements, not seeming to care that with every one of these we loose just a little bit more of our freedom....

Comment Re:Lame duck making lame promises (Score 1) 348

Nice sounding theory, but not true. The Tea Party barely more than a pipe dream before September 2009 when this bill was passed and nobody knew who they where. They certainly didn't have any pull yet with anybody in congress. The republican objections to ObamaCare where therefore in place a LONG time before it got shoved out of congress and that was before the Tea Party had any influence even in the red states. In fact, HARP and ObamaCare where likely the driving forces in making the Tea Party what it became, not the other way around.

But I'm glad you agreed to my basic point. Democrats did this on their own, disregarding republican input. The *reasons* they did this are really irrelevant because as passed, nobody on the other side of the isle voted for it and did everything they could to stop it. Democrats didn't care about the objections, and passed it.

Therefore, good, bad and ugly, your side owns this mess... Which is fine with me. Now you want to claim that the other side is being obstructionist because they won't compromise to help you fix your mistake? Grow up. Politics is a rough and tumble business and if you are unwilling to take your lumps, go home.

Comment Re:Hot air... (Score 1) 348

It's still not over, we have about 3 weeks and a debate to go and Clinton only has about a 2 point lead outside the margin of error nationally, it could go either way.... But you are right, if Trump keeps up his 3AM twitter fights over stupid stuff and refuses to stay disciplined and on message, Clinton will walk away with this in a land slide.. I'm sure there is at least one more "October surprise" planned for Trump and maybe one for "Clinton", something might actually stick to one or the other...

Trump has been counted out before and managed to rally... In fact he does his best work when he's on the ropes... But hey, if you want to underestimate him, feel free...

Comment Re:Lame duck making lame promises (Score 1) 348

The fact is that the ACA has been something of a success, which you wouldn't realize by listening to Republican propaganda.

"Something of a success"?? Well, I suppose it's had one or two positive results, but all the stuff we got told by the people selling this bill turned out to be patently false. Remember these?

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor....

This plan will save $2,500 a year for a family of 4..

There are no "death panels" in this bill..

This will not increase your healthcare expenses.

It's only going to cost (what ever the number was then)...

Your taxes won't go up..

We are not changing Medicare...

Every one of these was false... Every one..

Then there is this pesky fact the Clinton even admits that the thing needs to be adjusted, that it's got serious issues..

Oh, and that the republicans won't cooperate with the democrats on this is indeed true. If you believe that the idea is extremely bad to start with and the other party bypassed you to get it into law, why would ANYBODY then turn around and cooperate? The republicans are simply letting the bad idea take it's course, letting the thing grow more and more unpopular and reaping the benefits at the ballot box. Personally I don't see a problem with this. Republicans have said all along it needs to be repealed, not fixed, and their supporters keep putting them into office on that position. But go ahead and keep up your hissy fit/temper tantrums about republicans not helping you fix the catastrophes that befall you. We DID try to warn you, but you where not interested in hearing what we had to say. Live with your choices and leave us out of this.

Comment Re:Lame duck making lame promises (Score 1) 348

Republicans couldn't block the bill. The Democrats had an iron lock on both houses. They held the majority in the house and had a filibuster poof majority in the Senate all the way though the passage of the bill. The republicans could do NOTHING to stop this but hold press conferences and stomping their feet, they didn't have the votes.

In fact, NOT ONE republican voted for this bill at any point after it became a health care bill in the house. Remember this NOT ONE republican voted for this. Go check the congressional record like I have. All the votes recorded to pass this bill where by democrats. The democrats pass this all on their own.

Not only did they pass this on their own, they literally did it in an all fired hurry because they knew they where going to loose their ability to avoid a filibuster as Teddy Kennedy had died and the special election had provided a republican who said he was committed to blocking this very bill. So Nancy P make her "You have to pass it to find out what's in it" statement to get her party to pass it NOW, before the democrats could no longer count on getting a cloture vote by themselves to advance a bill in the Senate from debate to a vote, short of invoking the nuclear option and changing the rules.

So, don't repeat this lie that the democrats somehow bowed to republican pressure because there was no pressure the republicans could actually apply. The only pressure here was the time crunch or from their own members (and those that caucus with the democrats). This is EXACTLY the bill the democrats authored with no republican amendments (they where not allowed to offer them) passed solely by democrat votes with EVERY republican objecting.

Also stop blaming republicans for ANYTHING to do with ObamaCare and it's failings. The blame for this is with those who authored the bill, refused to discuss it and then passed it all on their own over the objections of others. Who is to blame? The democrats..

Comment Re:Lame duck making lame promises (Score 1) 348

It only needs fixing because congress ripped it apart and put together something different, ultimately with inherent problems. It wasn't going to pass without republican votes, so a lot of concessions had to be made, much to the chagrin of the democrats.

NOT ONE REPUBLICAN voted for the affordable care act in either house. NOT ONE, not one time. This was done totally by the democrats who passed it in the dead of night because Teddy K's seat was being given to a republican and would give the republicans the ability to filibuster the bill in the Senate by denying cloture on the bill. Remember Nancy P saying "We've got to pass it to find out what's in it"? Nobody had time to read the thing, it had to pass NOW or face death in the Senate once Teddy K's seat got filled. The congressional record clearly records this, so don't keep saying it got changed to satisfy the republicans. It may have been changed, but it wasn't for the republicans.

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