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Comment Why not simply investigate the `nose dive?' (Score -1, Troll) 113

The decision comes as Mozilla is trying to cut down development costs, after Firefox took a nose dive in market share this year.

Mozilla management should be fired. I am sure I contributed to that reported nose dive and I am glad I did. I ditched Firefox the moment Mozilla partnered with Microsoft. I am not alone!

That nose dive serves them right. Yes, it serves them right.

Comment Even in light of this, we're self congratulatory! (Score 4, Interesting) 193

This is a piece from CBS

Lt. Col. David Berke says there's no comparison between the F-35 and today's jet fighters.

David Berke: I'm telling you, having flown those other airplanes it's not even close at how good this airplane is and what this airplane will do for us.

David Martin: We have planes that are as fast as this.

David Berke: You bet.

David Martin: And can maneuver just as sharply as this one.

David Berke: Sure.

The Russians must be laughing!

The F-35's radars, cameras and antennas would scan for 360 degrees around the plane searching for threats and projecting, for example, the altitude and speed of an enemy aircraft, onto the visor of a helmet custom-fitted to each pilot's head.

They have had this technology in their SU-30s for at leat 4 years!

Comment I have never held GM vehicles in high esteem... (Score 1, Interesting) 74

After knowing a number of owners both former and present, I have come to the conclusion that these vehicles are somehow designed to "expire" after a while.

Could this be the reason one doesn't see many of them manufactured over the last 15 years?I will never forget one Cadillac I found in the shop with a malfunctioning transmission at exactly 100,801 miles with a 100,000 mile warranty. For me, GM is a no!

Comment Re:Pointless hype (Score 0) 343

Yeah... you know, we Americans are very good at self congratulation . That is, we possess this complacent acknowledgment of our own superiority or good fortune. Trouble is that other countries finance our debt - and to a big degree.

Just wait till all those onboard computers are disabled by the likes of the Russians.

Many times, defeating an adversary takes very little. I wish our leaders took this more seriously.

Comment I hate it when companies decide what's good for me (Score -1) 284

..."We had not heard from our customers that this was an issue, but we saw an opportunity that is consistent with our goal of providing an enjoyable experience for families,"

So in short, they are determining and deciding on what constitutes an enjoyable experience for their clients.

I am not sying they do not reserve the right to do whatever they want on their network, but diseminating the mesage this way doesn't cut it for me.

Comment You should do better yourself... (Score 1) 23

...meanwhile media should stop unquestioningly parroting the worthless garbage numbers(like this "1.09 billion daily users") they spout out...

While I [largely] agree with your statement, let me say the following: -

Perhaps it would be better if you provided some authoritative figure(s) you think Facebook's daily users are. How about that?

Comment Kudos to JavaScript! (Score 1) 70

In fact, the entire algorithm to create the cloudless map was written in Javascript in the Earth Engine development interface."

Good to know Javascript is still relevant. The other day, I read some post here on Slashdot, about a fella who said TypeScript is better because it's "Java that scales." True or not, I have no clue!

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