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Comment Re: Marketing (Score 1) 113

I'm not talking about the release of information. Call that marketing if you wish.

You asserted that skipping over version "2.0" and going with version "3.0" is a marketing ploy, inflating the numbers. That assertion is wrong. There is no such thing as "HoloLens 3.0", and until there is, the only conclusion that we are left with is what the article stated (that it is an internal milestone and strategy change).

Comment Re: Bogus complaints against President (Score 1) 357

Agreed, though I do know a few Trump primary voters (who really couldn't articulate a good case for their vote other than visibility). It was clear even during the primaries that the voting system needs an overhaul.

I can understand the anti-Hillary voter. I can understand the party line voter. What I can't understand is the need to defend someone who is actively working against the voters who put him in power.

Comment Re:Bogus complaints against President (Score 1) 357

If you are simply refuting numbers, then sure... you're probably right.

But I don't see how the item I quoted matters when just talking quantitatively. I suspect that your intention is to generally cast the protesters in a bad light by moving the conversation. Without that information, your point about numbers would still stand, but if anything it would support the notion that this administration is unpopular with reasonable people.

Comment Re:Bogus complaints against President (Score 2) 357

Indeed, I can not recall anyone beaten up, or anything set on fire or otherwise destroyed during an anti-Obama protest...

Arrest them. Throw them in jail.

Then realize that what is left is a hell of a lot of people who are protesting peacefully because this administration does not represent the wishes and needs of the vast majority of the people in the country. I'm not a Democrat; I've never voted for a Democrat for federal office (twice for Bush and also for McCain), and I am damn tired of being cast as liberal/leftist because I do not toe the party line.

Wake up.

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