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Comment Re:Solve for fair taxes (Score 1) 174

1. Remove deductions for Intellectual Property payments. This is the chief way corporations avoid tax.

True, but it would never stand up in an IRS court. Intellectual property-ie patents are considered real property.
Unless patent law is changed significantly there would be no legal grounds for objecting by the IRS.
Know for a fact a very large company,nearly Apple size, uses the same method through another EU country.Friend did their tax returns for years.

Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 2) 224

To naively ASSUME it would be SUPER EASY to PORT Android to another KERNEL stack is just STUPID. IT would take YEARS to be able to support the HUNDREDS of different HARDWARE PLATFORMS .
Linux still isn't even there all the way with vendor hardware support, you think vendors are just going to jump and support your new OS kernel, I think not.
Google's Fuchsia OS is heading for failure for this exact reason, just because it is microkernel is not a good enough reason to switch from Linux.
So Yes, Linux is WINNING smartphone battle right now and for a long time in the future.

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