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Comment Re:Intel dropping the ball (Score 2) 59

100% Agreement. Their failures to penetrate the mobile market could be understood for a few years as their technology was behind (SOC integration, power consumption, lack of modem/etc). But, over the last couple of years they have come out with some pretty good products. For most measurements, their stuff is actually better than pretty much everything but apple products.

Yet, what does Intel management do late last year? Cancel the entire business! Which is so short sighted its not even funny. I have no doubt that long term they are done for because of it. ARM's partners will continue to make subpar servers, until they don't, and the fat margins will evaporate and its game over for Intel..

Comment Re:I beg to differ (Score 1) 162

I've gotten bluray's that looked like someone tried to sand them down. Its darn near impossible to scratch bluray (and some DVDs like the imation forcefield ones, but I've never seen a commercial DVD with a coating) yet netflix still ships them out...

More on topic, the whole point for making "backups" is to survive loss of the original media. Why isn't it legal to replace a damaged disk with a copy?

Comment Re:Unless we know the number of non-dupes. (Score 1) 488

Which is what I've been saying. What I really want to know is if this is true, because in theory her email server _SHOULD_ have a complete record. So a 3rd party machine should be able to verify if any emails were "deleted" from the server...

(although exchange recalls and all that might complicate things, but one assumes that her staffers had their own email accounts not on her server?).

Comment Re:Missing golden opportunity... (Score 1) 174

When I'm on a long road trip, I don't usually want to stop for more than the time it takes to fill my tank. Hanging around some highway intersection/rest area isn't really high on my list of fun. I usually want to get to my destination as soon as possible.

Frequently that means, starting the pump, running inside for a bio break, and to pick up more caffeine or some terrible food to go. Frequently, I can get in/out in ~5 minutes.

Of course I'm apparently strange and drive 12+ hour legs on my road trips (welcome to the midwest US), so spending an hour filling up, can easy move a 12 hour trip into the 15 hour range..I can easily see this moving a two day trip into three.

Comment Lots of other stuff too.. (Score 4, Insightful) 112

Housing, schooling, medical. It may not have gone up each year but averaged over any length of time their numbers are significant. Which makes one question the fundamental weighting of the inflation indexes.

My own personal inflation indexes are probably 3x what the published one is. Particularly if one breaks out the "wants" vs "needs". In the US its basically impossible to be a nomad or farm public/common land. So, I need a house, I need gas to drive to work, and I need to eat something that isn't McDonalds. If it weren't for the fact that I'm now one of the "privileged computer engineers" I would be living paycheck to paycheck unable to afford a new dishwasher when the old one broke. The particularly damming thing, is that because of this basic cost of labor/etc many things in the US have become so expensive that hiring someone to fix a car/reroof a house/etc can easily cost days of my inflated pay rates. (A new root installed by 4 guys on my house in two days can cost more than 2 months of net salary). Retail rents in front the wamart in the not so great part of town can easily exceed $15 a square foot.

There are people getting insanely rich from all this, its just none of us actually working for a living.

Comment Re:That's only because... (Score 1) 89

The AS/400 has a complete menu based system administration mode. Its actually quite easy to figure many things out without really having to know any programming/scripting languages. Similarly with AIX (smitty) and HP-UX (sam/smh). Both of which are conceptually comparable to what a window's control panel/administrator menu is capable of. Particularly now that MS has stopped putting any effort into assuring that the GUI can actually configure everything in the machine.

I'm not sure about IRIX, but sco, solaris and linux lag behind in this category. In the case of linux its heavily dependent on which distro you use, with suse's yast probably being the most complete, and approaching the level of what was available in hpux/aix, but still only covering a limited subset of the total configuration options (although it manages to nail all the most important options, allowing you to configure a basic SMB/apache/whatever server without having to drop to the command line).

Comment Side effects.. (Score 1) 372

However, a relatively high number developed side effects, including acne and mood disorder

Which sounds about the same as the female birth control pill. Of course the set of side effects seem to vary depending on _which_ pill, but in the case of my wife the "mood disorders" part seems to apply to all of them...

Comment Re:To what purpose? (Score 1) 157

Thats my take too, the bigger question is why the 5/2.5 isn't just a part of the 10G spec with a blurb that says if the cabling/link isn't working at 10G to downgrade to 5G. AKA 10G should have been a mandatory part of the specification.

Worse the large datacenters are dumping 10G for 25/100G right now.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 2) 614

I doubt most baby boomers paid as much for tecom services per month as your average cell phone/home internet connection costs.

IIRC when I was younger my parents were paying something like $10 a month for phone service that's $30 in today dollars (assume 1980 for CPI calculation).

Today a family can easily spend north of $200 a month providing a cell phone + home internet. Skimping it might be possible to get that for less, but i'm betting most families spend more than $30 a month in telcom services. Sure they are getting more service, but having internet access is even more critical today than having a phone was in 1970...

Comment Re:Globalization is GREAT! (Score 4, Interesting) 614

SS was never meant to be a savings plan, more like a pyramid scheme where you collected something from everyone working and divvied it up among those that weren't. Which worked well as long as each generation did better than the last. The problem was that the baby boomers were a bubble in the pipeline and the prediction was that those of us working when they retired would get screwed. The Regan fix would have actually fixed it, if congress could have actually balanced the budget between ~85-15 rather than just deficit spending more than the trust fund took in. So taken at a face value the fact that the government continues to spend more than it takes in has little to do with SS, which is a separate tax with a separate funding model.

Again by itself, SS is fine, the trust fund is ok too from the perspective of it having a lot of spare cash, and with just minor tweaks (removal of the SS wage cap for starters) fixes it for another generation or two. Not paying people with a net worth > $1 million is another tweak, things that are all fairly pedestrian but for some reason can't get any traction in congress. I leave you to reason about that....

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