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Comment Re:So much for Apple's "better design" (Score 1) 222

Planned obsolescence is good for business if done right. It's like the recall formula from Fight Club.

If X phones need replacing before Y years have passed, and most users can be easily convinced to buy a new phone after Y years (Y is probably about 2), and the cost of replacing X phones is less than waiting Z years for people to buy a new phone, (Z = number of years it take people to replace a phone that has no real issues, so Z probably close to 4 or 5), then the "broken" phones are profitable to the company.

I didn't say it was good for consumers, but it can be good for business.

Comment Re:It's not as simple as "just switch over" (Score 4, Insightful) 166

I still have to support NT4, XP, VxWorks, Win98 and even some networked DOS machines in our factory.

You don't go changing the OS on a piece of equipment that costs over a million bucks to replace and all the software for the equipment is written for that OS. You just keep supporting it. And when you have hundreds of machines that cost a shit-ton of money to replace but work fine with the old OS, you keep supporting it.

And you call the new employees a buncha goddamn whiners because they don't want to learn "old stuff."

Knowing old stuff makes you valuable.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 254

Now if you citizens would only let us put microphones on you to record everything you say, and a body cam to record everything you do, and make all the data available to police, we'd all be safer!

Why do you hate safety? What are you doing behind closed doors? If you aren't guilty, you have nothing to worry about!

Say... your teen daughter might be a terrorist. We need to review her shower footage again.

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