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Comment Re: Too Bad the Screen is Crap (Score 3, Insightful) 535

Question: how old are you? :). I suspect there are more people with my issues than you give me credit for, although my point continues to be: the $2k for a system76 computer is not apples-to-apples to the $2400 MBP, and that the high-dpi screen, along with the software care that has gone into making it usable and functional across a wide variety of applications and actual "apparent" resolutions is quite valuable.

Comment Re: Too Bad the Screen is Crap (Score 1) 535

I agree - most of these comparisons miss the fact that the Retina display is sooo much better for the vast majority of things that most Linux users do with computers. Text-mode consoles and development are infinitely easier with high-dpi text; I've literally more than doubled the amount of time I can use a computer in a day without developing a headache by using higher-quality displays, and Linux support for these is a crapshoot at best. They aren't even available from system76, and if you find a vendor that does have them on Linux-compatible hardware, you're setting yourself up for dealing with difficult refresh rates, visual glitches, and apps that don't scale accurately.

I agree that these new Macs are overpriced for what you get, but to compare with anything that doesn't have a 200+ dpi display is _not_ a fair comparison.

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