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Comment Re: Delay Windows Update? (Score 1) 164

You don't know where to begin because you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Merely stating a person is doing it wrong while not offering any kind of advice as to your opinion of the right way to do things does nothing but show you like complaining about the way people get things done. You don't know how locked down the system is. You don't know how they set it up nor anything else about their IT infrastructure other than they disabled Microsoft's services that are proven to compromise the reliability of a system because they needed a more reliable system. But, you offered a pretty fucking outspoken opinion and I'm calling you out. I work in industrial control systems - an industry where we need things running 24/7 until scheduled downtimes under our control. Microsoft's current direction of assuming everyone connects their systems directly to the Internet and assuming they should get to reboot after applying bloatloads of updates is a disaster waiting to happen. I am tired of people criticizing our solutions and workarounds for Microsoft's combination of arrogance and ineptitude.

Comment Re:What's wrong with this? (Score 1) 199

Agreed.. what's wrong with this? If it's not wrong that Israel meddles in damn near every one of the US' affairs, it's not wrong that Russia voice their opinion either. But, I will sure as hell tell you that the American support for Trump is not based on Russia's support. The media has been telling us not to vote for Trump 24/7.. and history will tell you that you don't fucking tell Americans what to do.

Comment Re:Yes they are (Score 2) 199

I agree with this post and think this should be the overwhelming attitude of the tech community.

No matter what user demand, if the network is congested, it is broken and the capacity should be increased. Just like the power company will upgrade the grid to accommodate for power needs, the network companies should upgrade the network to accommodate for data needs.

The US should quit being 3rd world when it comes to network speeds and quit layering bureaucracy on top of network upgrades. If AT&T and Verizon cannot handle the upgrades, the network should be taken away from them and handed to companies that can. Companies that enjoy special regulations that preserve their network monopolies should be heavily regulated and taxed to promote profits going back into infrastructure upgrades.

Comment Congrats.. they made Fairlife milk (Score 1) 258

Fairlife milk has been on the store shelves for years.. Coca Cola owns it. I was a regular milk consumer - mainly because it was a cheap way to take in more protein. However, I was throwing a lot of milk away since it already seemed to taste bad even before it hit the expiration date. I tried the Fairlife milk and now I won't go back.. It tastes fresher than regular milk even a month after I open it. And, it has a higher protein content. Win Win.. I don't know what 'nutrients' they're throwing out of Fairlife milk.. but protein is protein.

Comment Facebook Bubble is Annoying (Score 1) 43

Facebook keeps thinking it knows who my close friends are because it determines who I've been talking to through Facebook. So, my feed is constantly spammed by people I rarely talk to - except through Facebook - while I hardly see what my closest friends are up to. It's annoying. They really do need to fix their feed - and they need to quit giving spamsites so much priority. This is a step in the right direction - but I doubt it will be done in the way users want. Facebook got popular because it gave users control over their information, who got to see it, and who's information they saw. Now, it frustrates a lot of people because it's so full of spammy click garbage. There should be an 'only see original posts by friends' option and allow users to filter out some of the re-shared bullshit.

Comment Re:Limited Hangout (Score 1) 155

I am sick of people calling Snowden himself a limited hangout. If you're referring to the NSA/CIA document release, then maybe it could be a limited hangout - but calling Snowden himself a limited hangout makes very little sense. If Snowden was a limited hangout, I doubt he would have done the following:

- caught Obama lying about only collecting 'metadata'
- caught James Clapper in multiple lies - even to the Senate Intelligence Committee
- caught General Keith Alexander in lies
- caught multiple politicians in lies defending the NSA/CIA only to get upset at the NSA/CIA spying on them (ie.. Sen. Dianne Feinstein)

The only way I could see Snowden possibly being a limited hangout (despite my gut telling me overwhelmingly to trust him) is if some other '3 letter agency' was trying to get more power by hurting the reputations of the CIA/NSA. Very few people that I know of (even politicians) have responded to the Snowden leaks by advocating for the CIA/NSA to have more power - whether they have a positive or negative opinion about Snowden.

Comment Re:It is worth what somebody will pay for it (Score 0) 187

EPA can't drive stick. And, they drive slow as all hell in automatics. No one gets the EPA mileage in an automatic unless they drive like a total asshole on the road (total slow fuck). Also, it's easy as hell to beat the EPA estimates while still driving fast with most manuals I've driven.

Comment Microsoft's standard annoying programming (Score 4, Insightful) 224

It's hard for me to think of anything Microsoft has done outside of developer tools that looks and feels somewhat consistent in terms of their UI in the past 5 years. It's like they've completely abandoned any 'UI-esque principles' and instead have just left everything up to whatever the fuck they feel like at the time. I used to feel pretty good about upgrading to the latest Microsoft software - but it just isn't there any more. Skype makes no fucking sense right now - neither on Windows or on Mac. On my Mac, it will show Skype contacts or Mac Contacts - but it does not seem to show my Outlook 2016 contacts. And, of course, in the new version of Outlook, Microsoft has decided to destroy compatibility with using Mac and Outlook contacts interchangeably. Skype for Windows is a disaster. It decides to pop itself up in front of the user every boot up. It doesn't have a 'get the fuck out of my way' option - and of course it's buggy as all hell. It's sad when I'm barely using Skype and my computer slows down - and I check processes and Skype is using 100% cpu for no goddamn reason.. End Skype and everything is better. I really wish Microsoft would work to make their own programs more consistent and compatible with each other. This isn't just a Skype issue. Outlook 2016 is completely unusable. Excel regularly crashes on typing very simple formulas. Powerpoint files sent to me from Windows users crash Powerpoint 2016 often. And, of course, Outlook 2016 isn't compatible with anything and loves to add duplicates of your contacts. But, of course, Microsoft has decided that their latest software is always better than old stuff so they're taking control of your computer and upgrading you to Windows 10. And one more thing.. Microsoft's programmers are cocky as hell. Every single one of them I've ever met act like they write better code than Donald Trump has words.

Comment Re:Packets not all equal (Score 5, Insightful) 135

There are multiple ways of looking at this. For me, I think hard-wired networks should be so robust that no set of user demand could ever saturate the possible bandwidth. That means massive upgrades should take place everywhere and ISPs would be competing solely on bandwidth. And, that also means taxpayer dollars spent on network upgrades should be spent on network upgrades. ISP's, however, (and specifically Verizon) have spent these taxpayer dollars largely on shareholder dividends without upgrading their infrastructure. They are working hard to protect their limited-bandwidth infrastructure from market influences that demand upgrades. Economically, it makes sense for Verizon to spend little on infrastructure upgrades if they can get rid of net neutrality because it means they can completely cripple competing services citing 'bandwidth limitations' while making sure their antiquated services (like cable TV) work better than the competition. As for wireless, net neutrality is somewhat tougher to support unless existing total bandwidth was always divided equally against existing customer bandwidth demands. The whole thing comes down to who controls what and who makes money. If we don't support the FCC on this one, we are essentially handing complete control of the Internet over to companies like Verizon. I would prefer we did the opposite and gave control of the Internet to individuals as much as possible.

Comment Re: wonder why (Score 1) 688

You could say this exact same thing about Hillary and lying. The huge difference, though, between Trump and Hillary is that Hillary is totally supported by the same people that already hold the majority of power in the US (the establishment) and Trump is the enemy of the Establishment. And, don't forget, Obama is a big fucking liar and George W Bush is a big fucking liar.. and Clinton.. and George HW Bush.. and so on.. So big fucking deal.. At least with Trump you have a chance of shining a light where the cockroaches are. That's why they're scared of him.. that's why our media hates him.. that's why other billionaires and party insiders are trying to plot ways to undermine him. This is what the Republican party gets for being shitty to the Ron Paul crowd in 2008 and 2012.. They get Trump now. It happened in 1964 with Goldwater and resulted in Nixon. And, it happened in 2012 and results in a 2016 Trump victory. I'm just happy that the Republican insiders will get exposed as the Hillary supporters they are once Trump becomes the nominee.

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