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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 137

I have enjoyed going to the theater for its own sake on quite a few occasions, either because I was with friends at a really good local theater that has beer you can sup while you watch, or when the audience reacts to a movie in a funny way and it's fun to be part of that shared experience among strangers (either because the movie is great or because it's awful). Also, it's my kids intro to doing something naughty (smuggling in snacks) and being discrete about it. Maybe it's a slippery slope and they'll wind up politicians.

Comment specifics (Score 1) 471

What specific regulations are preventing Apple manufacturing in the USA ? What specifically will be their reduction in tax bill ? Because lacking specifics I'm imagining the regulations that prevent forced labor camps and toxic wastelands, and a tax change that goes from Apple pays something to we all pay apple.

Comment gunship diplomacy (Score 1) 432

What's the point of having a futuristic-ally armed ship anyway ? aside from its ability to transport a lot of supplies, fly the flag visibly and to do humanitarian missions in pirate infested seas all of which can probably work very well with regular naval guns.

For any real war I would have thought the best way to take out a ship would be from a submarine or from a land- or space- or air-launched missile.

and who's to say there isn't some clever way to make the guns more effective with "smart shells" or something

Comment Re:Too late.... (Score 1) 436

I watched the video, you misrepresent it. around 4:40 BO makes the case that for households where some people are not eligible to vote, citizens that are eligible have an obligation to vote so that the opinions of at least someone in that house will be recorded and he also says that lawful voters in that household can vote without fear that their vote will not be confidential or that the authorities will use the fact that they voted to track down their family members.

In other words - if you are legally allowed to vote, vote


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