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Comment Re:Ignoring the reality of gun use... again. (Score 1) 420

Big surprise, I'm anti most gun ownership claims. I suppose I might consider getting a shotgun if I lived in the woods, but I digress. The issue for me is the attempt to ensure deadliness to the attacker, anyone considered "offensive" or any innocent that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The real goal here should be to find some technology that is convenient to carry, keeps the bearer safe in most of the same circumstances as a gun might, and leaves everyone alive and with no permanent injuries afterwards.

I think if such a thing were available more people would carry them and more lives would be protected, It might even reach the levels of "herd immunity" that are just out of reach for firearms carry no matter what BS the lobby promotes

Of course such a thing would never be approved even if it were invented

But the guns have to become less prevalent, especially in cities, they just cause more problems than they solve, way beyond what is commonly discussed

Comment Bringing home bacon (Score 1) 202

So let's say I save up $200k for a ticket to Mars. How do I sustain myself when I get there ? become an "organic" potato farmer ? Plus the return trip seems to only involve returning the capsule for re-use, not a large payload of people or manufactured goods or raw materials. Mars needs an economy as well as an atmosphere.

Comment Similar to today (Score 3, Interesting) 630

The US already accepts different tax brackets, this is just another tax bracket at the low end, one where you get negative tax rather than zero tax as the lowest rate. The only other difference is that the IRS sends the "refund" check in 12 installments rather than one.

Only the poor or the mega rich would fall entirely into that bracket

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