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Comment measurement vs action (Score 1) 167

I can't say I understand it really, but I've always seen this as something that places limits on what we can measure. But can we use this phenomenon to force something to happen. That is, can we use precision clocks to force some weirdness to happen on a macro scale ? For example, can we make conservation of energy fail within a small volume if we measure time very accurately all around it ?

Comment Re:In a perfect world (Score 1) 553

"Person A" is not some guy off the street, it is an institution. They should have known better to begin with. If an open and inclusive society is what we want then this is the price. Ask the institution if they specifically wanted to exclude some people ?

Try the argument out in another context, eg. if a bank ATM is too high up the wall for a wheelchair bound user to reach it, should they make accommodations or should they grant a license to an able-bodied group to host their own ATM somewhere equally inaccessible.

I'm sure this group means well, but sometimes the only driving motive for things to change is for there to be some inconvenience and outcry about this valuable content becoming unavaiable.

Comment Re:In a perfect world (Score 1, Interesting) 553

Yes it is. At some point someone always seems to have to sue to get the right thing done. I may not like it, you seem not to like it, but the people who mirrored the content only prevented a proper solution being put into place.

There are lots of suggestions here that could have made the content more accessible, but they have been rendered moot because the content has been mirrored and the Universities can wash their hands of it knowing that it is still "out there" depriving these students of leverage to get the right thing done.

Comment voluntary (Score 4, Funny) 397

The eye gouging program is entirely voluntary.

Employees can qualify for not having premiums doubled by simply removing an eye. It's not our fault, but our fiduciary responsibility to maximize shareholder value. And you'll still be able to see if you were responsible and maintained two healthy eyes prior to the program. It won't reduce our healthcare costs if you join the program, but it will reduce our payroll costs if you fail to qualify for the discount.

Rest assured that you can't be penalized under current law if the eyeball you submit for testing is defective in any way, but should the legal landscape change we may be forced to re-evaluate the policy.

Have a nice day

Comment maybe (Score 1) 190

Maybe it works, tell me about it when the control group is spending half an hour a day for 40 days trying to remember lists of words and doing something with them.

In my youth I provisioned phone service in a CO. I would take a batch of orders, memorize the numbers on them and then thread the cores and run jumpers to provision the service. I'm no savant, everyone in the office that had been there long enough could do just as well or better.

I could remember quite a few of them at a go. It took a couple of weeks to develop the capacity to do it and I have long since lost the ability through lack of practice.

There was no memory palace involved though, when I started the job it seemed impossible, but the facility came quickly with practice.

Comment Re:So, in other words (Score 1) 519

Trump has dozens of offices in many buildings, at some point in the last 100 years one of the residents in one of these buildings will have been the subject of a wiretap completely unrelated to Trump. This will be seized upon as verification that this was exactly the wiretap trump was talking about.

Comment Re: Highly irregular (Score 1) 519

I googled this and I think you're making that up. The searches that I did (Barack Obama Number of tweets and Donald Trump number of tweets) said that Obama posted 15,400 tweets and realdonaldtrump has over 30,000 tweets archived. I agree that once you hit the 10s of thousands they are all the same, but why spread such nonsense when it is so easy to google.

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