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Comment Re:Yes, I see (Score 5, Funny) 179

I told you. We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week.

(interrupting) Listen, strange people lyin' in comfy chairs distributin' shares is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcicial bureaucratic ceremony!

Comment Re:Prove your case (Score 1) 382

I stopped reading your comment when it has no evidence of any kind. By the way, fossil fuel sources by region haven't changed much in 3 years and electric motors have almost no changes.

Then here is a link to a breakdown of each US state's energy grid sources (e.g. coal, nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, natural gas) by percentage and how the sources have changed from 2004 to 2014: http://www.npr.org/2015/09/10/...

How much of the electric grid is from "green" sources varies significantly by state, but renewables are improving across the board.

Your own source shows that there is very little change in the last 3 years in terms of actual percent. The biggest change is coal is down and natural gas is up because it's cheaper and can change to fit demands, like peak loads, far easier. If your electric car was getting 40mpg co2 equivelant as above it maybe went to 41.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 38

The White house denied these as a hoax.

"These are obviously not real as those planets are orbiting around other stars, this is impossible as everything orbits around our Orange fearless leader."

This is prompting a huge surge in scientists all over the country to emigrate to Canada.

Maybe they should be going to Mexico instead.

Comment Battery costs are a problem (Score 1) 382

Right now a tesla battery would cost around $190/kWh and gm $145/kWh. One kWh can power a one horsepower electric motor for just over an hour. A horsepower is 746 watts, and despite common misconceptions not nearly 100% efficient - they tend to be 50% at peak power, near 10% efficient at peak torque at low speed and 90% at low torque high speed. This is true for pmdc and induction motors. City busses get about 4mpg average and often run for long periods. A electric pack for a bus would easily run 10-20x the size for a ev like a car. So we are talking about costs of up to half a million dollars for a good lithium pack before subsidies and sold at a reasonable profit margin.

Since a large chunk of emissions comes from manufacture simply throwing busses away after 10 years because of a half million dollar battery would be disasterous. The cost to subsidize them would be significant. The real push needs to be lowering the cost of the battery to a much more manageable up front cost.

Comment Re:Prove your case (Score 2) 382

Due to efficiencies of scale the worst coal power plants to EV systems are still likely to be twice a pollutant efficient as a ICE vehicle.

Citation needed. That also isn't a particularly meaningful comparison since only about 1/3 of US power comes from coal. It's quite possible to power an EV entirely with non-fossil fuel sources.

Yes I am using hyperbole and I would welcome someone with enough time to disprove me.

No thanks. You made the claim. Cite your source and prove your case. Don't ask us to do your homework for you.

It depends on region. First about half the emissions come from manufacture with EV having a slightly larger foot print so keeping any current vehicles in service is much better than simply throwing them away. Second in the USA electric vehicle emissions as Gallons/mile equivelant range from the mid 30s to well over 100. Where I live (Midwest USA) it's around 38-42 mpg equivelant so buying an electric car is worse than buying a hybrid and about the same as buying a fuel efficient gas vehicle, the gas vehicle likely has a slightly smaller manufacturing footprint as it's lighter and lasts just as long, so efficient gas vehicles are probably better. Good source here

Comment Re:Wastefulness (Score 2) 79

So-called 'wireless charging' just wastes energy as heat and as magnetic fields that are dissipated -- all for the sake of 'convenience'. Why isn't a standard USB socket good enough for everyone?

You realize mobile phone batteries are sub 20 watt hours right? As in even with outrageous electricity prices charging costs less than a cent? Further given people on average partially change thier phone once per day means a 15% drop in efficiency is truly meaningless. Replacing a single light bulb with an led one could offset 350 people using a wireless charger vs a wired one.

Comment Wireless charging now? (Score 1) 79

Hmm, several years behind the opposition with sales of those products doing very well. Yep, now is the time for the courage to bring a truly futuristic technology to the adoring masses. With alternative facts all the rage, id even heap on Samsung shamelessly copying Apple to boot.

Comment Re:Can't play games at work? (Score 1) 47

I thought that's what vpn were for...

Not all employers will be happy with you running your own VPN at work. I don't know what my current employer would say (other than "WTF are you doing that for?"), but at my last couple of positions (Department of Energy), it would have been an major no-no.

Lmao. And here I thought it was funny that in order to circumvent ip blocks for popular games at work people use vpn. Guess it's my bad for no /sarcasm tag.

Comment Looks like it's time for "the talk" (Score 2) 82

No, the electron is NOT "in two places at once". That is nonsense. Prior to measurement the electron (and indeed, any quantum particle) simply does not have a well-defined position; rather, there is a set of points in space where it could be found (weighted by the probabilities returned by the* wave function of the electron in the given physical setup ("the potential well")). It is only when a measurement is made that the probabilities resolve to a certainty--and the electron is then found in literally one position in space.


*Technically, the square modulus of the wave function.


Sorry for the physics rant; I feel better now.

The good ole story of what happens when two particles feel really entangled.

Comment Re:Stop apologizing (Score 1) 291

As someone who does have celiac disease, this is the best bullsh^h^h^h^h^h thing ever! I keep echoing the alternative facts like it's healthier, increases your lifespan, cures cancer, and regrows lost limbs. I can even get a shitty cheap gluten free pizza delivered! This must be how republicans feel all the time, it's great!

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