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Comment Re:Well, shit. (Score 1) 369

It certainly isn't acceptable to call a black man an uncle tom either in my view. Calling a black man an uncle tom is just another example of how minorities who do not see themselves as victims and fall out of line get attacked. I do not consider myself a conservative and even I can't stand this sort of stuff.

Comment Re:Marissa Mayer again (Score 2) 139

A Marissa Mayer decision again.
Yep. She's cute and intelligent but Yahoo hid the "wiretap" from Alex Stamos (the freaking Chief Information Security Officer) and he and his team only discovered it later which seems to have been the reason he left. Apparently Yahoo (Marissa) did this secretly to avoid any in house conflict. I'd say she isn't CEO material but it isn't like the majority of CEOs in the country set the bar all that high.

Comment Re:Dude, just STFU (Score 1) 867

The US doesn't need anyone to host nuclear missiles. The US has enough undetectable nuclear armed subs around the globe to destroy pretty much all life in Russian on a whim with plenty left over for any other country in the world that would object. I'm not saying it is a good thing but land based missiles? That's so 20th century.

Comment Re:Hrm (Score 1) 177

There have been studies that link allergies to lack of environmental stressors during childhood. For example having a dog (dirt, fecal matter etc) significantly lowers the incidence of allergies in children. Of course environmental pollutants are also being linked to allergies as well.

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