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Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 225

My family made quite a bit of money on coal and oil royalties when I was a kid. Right now oil companies are re-leasing mineral rights from everyone in my county on 5 year leases to the tune of about $800 an acre plus a percentage of oil revenue from what is extracted and that is thousands of feet underground not the 50 Eli is talking about. Of course, I don't think I can stop someone from drilling across my land, I would just be owed money if they did.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 225

I'm wondering about who owns the land he's digging under. I own a few pieces of property and that includes things under the surface. In the states this is pretty common. I'm the last person to want regulation or rules to get in the way of doing something cool and innovative but... does he have the legal right to extract the contents under each of those tracts of land in order to bore a hole and to build a commercial enterprise through that land?

Comment Do we still need nuclear? (Score 1) 87

Has solar reached the point where nuclear isn't necessary? I realize that storage is still a big issue but on such a large scale, it would seem there would be a number of solutions for this other than traditional battery storage and maybe it makes more sense to have largely independent homes or subdivisions each with their own storage than single unit large scale power plants going forward. As bullish as I used to feel about nuclear, it just seems passé these days.

Comment Re:Slackware (Score 2) 145

Well to be fair, most everyone regardless of their daily driver distro seems to love Slackware so I can see it polling above actual usage numbers on any forum. It is just that a lot of people that like it will not use it day to day because it doesn't have a good repo of binary packages and a good package manager.

Comment Re:Crapification (Score 2) 168

They're shooting themselves in the foot. I think they underestimate what a sense of community means to overall traffic. No message boards, no community, no loyalty to imdb as a site and that "small but passionate" userbase will eventually begin to coalesce somewhere else followed shortly by the general public.

Comment Re:How soon until this is extended to other areas? (Score 1) 532

You're probably right about alcohol. It likely has some kind of statically significant impact on the population at large. Let's take the fat tax idea though for a spin. There were a few studies recently that compared sugar to cocaine and concluded that sugar may be more addictive. I have some reservations about that but it is at least a possibility. You have then a group of people that make up a more significant percentage of the population than smokers that are obese and addicted to sugar. These people are costing us as a society significantly more that smokers do. Why would this smoking fine not be applicable to them / sugar?

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

I have evidence that sitting is possibly more or at least dangerous
If you are chasing some sort of optimized outcome for each individual you need to start addressing daily habits like sitting and diet before focusing on smoking. If you are willing to go that far, I'm not sure we have even the illusion of individual liberty or self determination left.

Comment Re:The point (Score 2) 532

Would smoking be the only life decision you would choose to deny health care for? This reminds me of the department of education. The only real authority it has over the states the the threat of denying additional funding. If the government can deny you health care (life essentially) if you don't live the way it approves of, is there any facet of your life outside of the government's authority?

Comment How soon until this is extended to other areas? (Score 1, Interesting) 532

How long will it take the government to extend this to diet and other lifestyles? Diet correlates more strongly than smoking to decreased lifespan. Do we have a nationally enforced vegan lifestyle? Since homosexual lifestyles for men result in larger health risks should we fine men for being gay? Selfishly, I would like to see this as a law here because I have loved ones that I would like to stop smoking but... slippery slope.

Comment Design? (Score 1) 105

It isn't worth it to me to pay $600+ for a phone that doesn't look or handle any different from my previous phone and simply has slightly better performance. The Pixel line of phones just are not innovative in anything but maybe the software and if that is the case why the hell do we even have a dedicated expensive line of phones? If Google wants to charge this kind of pricing they need to actually innovate at the hardware level. -See xiaomi mi mix for example.

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