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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 4, Interesting) 920

Ben Shapiro

In his own words:

Donald Trump’s nomination has drawn anti-Semites from the woodwork.

I’ve experienced more pure, unadulterated anti-Semitism since coming out against Trump’s candidacy than at any other time in my political career. Trump supporters have threatened me and other Jews who hold my viewpoint. They’ve blown up my e-mail inbox with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. They greeted the birth of my second child by calling for me, my wife, and two children to be thrown into a gas chamber.

And here's a breitbart piece on the subject...

He has started playing the victim on Twitter and throwing around allegations of anti-semitism and racism, just like the people he used to mock.

Ben, no one hates Jewish people.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

I respectfully disagree -- regarding the battery issue, how much of an issue is this with proper GPU decoding? I know Netflix doesn't instantly sap the battery on my phone.

Regarding "Choose a keyframe that adequately explains the content of the video...", are you saying that's what you would prefer, or are you saying that's essentially the only thing that should be allowed by the standard? I guess there are several issues here, one is the design issue of when it is and isn't appropriate to use this -- and being a design issue, there will be plenty of disagreements. The other issue is whether or not the standard should allow one to make dubious design decisions (and likewise, whether the browser should allow you to override those -- which it of course should, in my opinion).

Personally, I wouldn't find it offensive if your website's background image had the planet slowly rotating beneath the satellite; it would add an ambiance to the page which of course would convey no real information, except for a subtle sense of immersion presumably desired to begin with (else why have a background image at all?). Of course, if I had to click on it for it to start playing, I probably wouldn't be bothered...

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

I guess there are several issues here:

1. As technology evolves, should the web evolve in its capability as well? If we allow it to evolve, ok -- that's what we're seeing here. If not, where should it stop? Should we allow images to load without clicking on them, etc.? Should we allow the blink tag? Or should we just stick to text+hyperlinks?
2. Should web browsers yield more control to the end user? YES, is my answer -- we *should* be able to turn off or turn on autoplay, we should be able to disable scripts/Flash/an image file format we dislike/etc.
3. Should web developers use every feature available to them when something simpler would work? (NO is my answer 99% of the time.)

Comment Re:Cheaper? (Score 1) 382

I'm not entirely sure what your angle is here (sarcasm and whatnot not translating well over the tubes), but there is a difference between facts and numbers. OP gave numbers -- which might be true, out-of-date, or flat-out wrong -- with little proof. As another poster pointed out, OP is off by a factor of ~4-5 from Tesla and GM prices for batteries.

Regarding cost for 660 kWh = $100-$200 claim, this appears (?) to be loosely based on the residential cost of electricity, not the wholesale cost, which is a factor of ~10 less. I'm not sure how buses in Ontario would work, so I can't say what the proper pricing would actually be...but using the wholesale prices from 2016, this works out to be ~$11 to fill up, using the off-peak residential rates it's ~$60, and the peak prices yield ~$120 (excluding inefficiencies).

If we want to get more into the weeds, then yes, I just gave some numbers with "proof" which may be flawed. You're welcome to disagree with my sources -- they could be wrong, and I'd appreciate any corrections to my numbers and/or reasoning.

Comment Re:first (Score 1) 382

From this site, it looks like it would be ~1.7-1.8 times worse if powered by coal (2.07-2.17 #/kWh compared to 1.22 for natural gas).

On a related note, doing the math from the Tesla-provided specs, the car should be using about half the energy/km as stated in the article, where the numbers come from the "United Nations Economic Commission for Europe R101." Sounds like someone's metrics for mileage are not terribly accurate (not picking sides, just noting).

Comment Re:disney are idiots (Score 4, Interesting) 363

There's a difference between being generically offensive, and being offensive by targeting specific groups.

You don't have to agree that one is more offensive than the other, but to ignore that the two cases are different isn't particularly productive.

And on the other end of the spectrum you have stuff like South Park, which basically tries to be offensive by targeting *every* group; in some strange egalitarian sense, this makes it "less offensive," as the motives are clearly for humor, rather than hatred towards a specific group.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

While I tend to agree, I think there are some times when it's appropriate to have auto-playing content (maybe only restricted to silent content). For example, multimedia-rich pages such as this benefit from a tasteful (in my opinion) use of multimedia.

That said, the ability to choose click-to-play settings (either globally or domain-specific) would be a Good Thing.

And of course, there's a special place in hell for any website which allows auto-play ads with audio.

Comment Re:Density (Score 1) 218

From the original paper it's around 20 Wh/L. Pretty low (lithium ion is ~200-700Wh/L or so), but this would be for grid storage, not phones/cars/etc.

This page suggests that D cells are around 20Wh. According to Wikipedia, a breadbox is (30 cm) x (15 cm) x (15 cm) = 6.75 liters, larger than the ~1L needed to match a D cell -- so it seems to pass your test =)

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