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Comment If they are going to ban talking whilst driving.. (Score 1) 526

.. they should really ban anything else that could cause a distraction. I still don't understand how drinking coffee while driving is acceptable, but talking on a cellphone isn't...
Not that I'm defending cellphone talkers .. with the prevalence of bluetooth/handsfree kits today there isn't much excuse to be driving with one hand and holding a cellphone with the other. I don't think a total ban on anything that could cause you distractions (radio, cellphone etc etc) is the right answer, but why would anyone be opposed to banning people from driving dangerously? I don't really care if you are talking on a cellphone and end up in a ditch .. as long as you don't take me with you.
I know a lot of people say that they've been driving for years and years and never got into an accident while talking on the cellphone but here's some food for thought:

1. How many people have been forced to take evasive action because you're too distracted to concentrate on driving and you've simply been oblivious to it?
2. How sure are you that it isn't just pure blind luck that you've need had to react in a split second to avoid a collision?
I'm not one to blindly agree with all "nanny" legislation, but some people just really are a hazard to themselves and others and if it means some nut/housewife in a 4 ton SUV doesn't swipe me while talking on the cellphone/putting on makeup so be it.

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