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Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 2) 564

Number 1 reason cassettes were popular: you could record to them yourself.
Vinyl ruled most of the 80's. Cassettes allowed you to make your own mix tape for home, walkman or car. Prerecorded cassettes never came close to vinyl sales, except maybe with truck drivers, and I bet most of those were 'best of" mix tapes.

Comment Re: Wikipeed hates Net Neutrality! (Score 1) 65

The Federal Communications Commission has reached a preliminary conclusion that AT&T is violating net neutrality rules by using data cap exemptions to favor DirecTV video on its mobile network.

- http://arstechnica.com/tech-po...

Can you please explain how "No charges for access" is different from this?

Comment Re:Why wait until now? (Score 4, Informative) 296

All countries, including the US, already have input into ICANN. Check out ICANN.org to see how they work and what is being changed.

The Dept of Commerce is not renewing their contract with ICANN so oversight reverts to ICANN itself. The Dept of Commerce has been "hands off" with ICANN for 20 years. Only once have they taken action, blocking the .xxx domain.
So we are not "handing over" anything. Unless you consider a government agency that takes no action as something that can be handed over.

ICANN, a US non-profit corporation, will continue to operate as before, taking input from the same companies and countries.

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