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Comment Re:I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 284

I know this is old and no one will read this, but another reason banks AND merchants don't want this is info. You not only pay your money, but you are also bought and sold as a stream of products tied to a card. This is why loyalty cards exist. This is why target cuts you 5% on their card purchases This is why Target does not support apple pay.

Comment Re:for those of us who don't work next to Bunny Hu (Score 1) 49

welcome to slashdot... where people say "i don't know X, please teach me" and the response is "FUCK YOU HOW COME YOU DON'T KNOW X!!!"

I exaggerate for effect, but not by much.

Think of it this way, what abstraction layer is being broken if you don't know what an SoC is? What model of programming is broken? If you don't know a CPU from a GPU, yeah, you're gonna fail at some point. If you think all memory is the same and you don't think of cache vs RAM vs spinning rust, then you'll have an unacceptable app. But an SoC vs many discrete chips? How will that break you?

Comment Re:for those of us who don't work next to Bunny Hu (Score 1) 49

System on a Chip. Basically the guts of whatever you're building. You may have other chipsets for auxiliary purposes (radios, GPS, etc) but this is what makes your device. In this case, it is a bit vague, since you can have SoC for a lot of reasons. But we all can assume it's an ARM based chip for use in Android products.

In my local appliance store, they're selling a Samsung fridge with Windows 10 on it. I've seen the horror that you've seen. THE HORROR.

Comment Re:Clumsy Response from Evernote (Score 2) 31

The Evernote free version actually restricts you to two nodes, not one. It triggered me to abandon Evernote. And the cool new Apple trick was the ability to share notes between users. Apple Notes synced over iCloud for a while. The other cool thing is local notes. Evernote free was always cloud based. If you need a local note, you had to pay premium. Apple Notes is save locally then update the cloud version. So you always have the note locally. Great for notes for the Airport where WiFi is expensive and you don't get great signal from all the metal.

macOS notes also has a filter to import the Evernote XML export formal.

Comment They're trying to get rid of free users.... (Score 2) 31

.... this will certainly help :)

So, Evernote has massive competition for Apple iOS/macOS Notes, Google Keep, MS OneNote, even DropBox paper.
So the thought seems to be, lets get rid of all these non-paying folks, lets concentrate on the much smaller group of paying folks. For the free tier, they've reduced the number of hosts you can access this from.

I personally have migrated all my notes away from Evernote to Apple Notes. macOS notes has added an import filter specifically for the Evernote XML export. Was pretty easy.

Comment Re:Choose none of those languages (Score 1) 241

You've sent this message on a computer network with packet switching ideas invented by the US government, originally enacted between US government sponsored computers, over a corporate ISP, from a browser from another corporation.

Realize that you're a part of society. Unless you want to go become a caveman and domesticate your own corn, you're standing on the shoulders of others. You need to use other people's work. You need to trust them. Or if you want to be pedantic, have faith. The slavery metaphor is a bit much.

Comment I imagine a samsung meeting a few months ago... (Score 1) 67

"Hey guys, what's the best way we can tank the company..."

"Get Kim Jong Un as our only spokesman?"

"put out a NAMBLA edition?"

"How about, right when Apple puts out a new phone, when everyone is agog even though it's just a phone, lets have our phones blow up!!"

"Brilliant! And it's even better if we get banned from flying because of safety reasons... those are great headlines!!"

Me and my wife have iPhones. 1) Im amazed that there is this much interest every damn iPhone release. It's a phone. 2) Id hate to be at Samsung right now.

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