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Comment Naming conventions (Score 1) 238

They'd better get the name of it right: I presume, previous to the LHC, there have been a Small and a Medium so Xtra Large might be good - plus there's plenty of room for further, bigger colliders.

But if they leap straight in with "Mega" or "Super Ginormous" - well, they're gonna run out of names for future colliders pretty damn quick.

"Quite Big" is nicely understated; but in this age of superlative madness, where everything is "Giga", and "Ultra" - even though it's the first iteration of a product - and people who manage to walk across a room without blinding themselves with a spoon are labelled "Heroes"...

Well, they'll probably call it the "Omega Class, Hyper-lightspeed, Super-massive, Multi-yottabyte Particle Annihilator"

And then, when they want a bigger one, they'll be fucked - like Beta should be.

Comment Re:I wish my cell phone (Score 1) 495

Here's someone without one. A mate gave me one a few years back, I put ten quid credit on it which lasted about 18 months. When it ran out I thought "do I really need this, considering I make a call or two a month?" The answer was no, so no phone for approx. 5 years - and previous to that I didn't have one. If circumstances changed I'd get another no problem. Currently it's a waste of money :)

Comment Booze (Score 1) 330

Some facts:
According to quick research the US uses 370 million gallons of gas a day, so that's about 37 million gallons of booze at 10% additive.
Quick research show an adult population of about 250 million in the US

Some conjecture:
A number of that 250 million adults might not drink booze due to religious, medical or personal reasons, let's say 10% - so 225 million like a drink
Some of those people might not want to get drunk every day - let's say 20% - so 180 million might want daily booze
A gallon of booze would probabaly get 5 people drunk - so that's 185 million people that could be drunk every day

Some results:
Roughly every person who wanted to, could be drunk every day if the Government didn't make you burn booze in your car

Write to your Government NOW and stop this shameless waste of booze !

Comment Re:Picking up shape from randomized patterns (Score 3, Informative) 202

There are countless of examples of people picking up shapes of what looked like "angels", or "face of Jesus", or whatever ... from things as diverged as rust on a door to oil stain on a glass window panel, and so on ...

AC is so right - I was in a church the other day and looked up at a glass window panel and I was like "OMG it's full of angels and faces of Jesus!"

Comment Tasteless (Score 4, Informative) 303

A programme about this was on BBC Radio 4 a couple of years back. IIRC both the scientist and the presenter tried a little bit of "burger" grown in a lab and it was tasteless. Not horrible - just.... nothing much. Also the texture wasn't quite right.

I think the scientist said that meat (muscle) derives a lot of its taste from the surrounding fat when it's cooked - and, of course, this had no fat.

The next stage on was to make it taste nice - perhaps in the past two years they've got somewhere with it.

Comment Re:Doctor Tucker or Malcolm Who (Score 2) 242

Aye, he'll be a great Doctor...

" D'ye fucking ken who ye're dealing with here? Nae ? Well I'm the fucking Doctor ye alien shite, now get the fuck outta mah sight or I'll beat ye like a red-headed step-bairn ! "

( With apologies to Irvine Welsh )

Oh, and maybe move the time slot for the show to 11pm ;)

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