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Comment Re:Not many people want you to support consumer te (Score 1) 533

Sure, I'll help you by also enabling a controlled password lock, and you will allow me to remote wipe your device when you get laid off. I've no problem supporting you, but it the process and procedures and protocols are in place to mitigate data loss, sorry - your not getting WORK email on your iDevice unless it's company supported, and I put *IT* control on it. Fair?

Comment Re:Of course..... (Score 3, Insightful) 75

And... that's the whole point of Fedora vs RHEL. This has been discussed everywhere for years.
Users want something free - thats Fedora. OEMs and Vendors want something with long term support and accountability - which costs money. Thats RHEL, which you pay for.

All the companies that switch to CentOS, fine with me - but play nice, and buy at least 1 support contract/license from Red Hat. It's a nice way of saying thanks to the main company doing all the hard work.

Details of Microsoft's New Analytics Tool Leaked 68

hhavensteincw writes "Details of Microsoft's answer to Google's Analytics have leaked online. Screenshots have been posted on the Net of the new "Gatineau" Web analytics tool that Microsoft now says will be available in beta this summer. In a blog post, Microsoft's Ian Thomas also reveals that Microsoft will use Live ID (formerly Microsoft Passport) profiles to get its demographic data."

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