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Comment Re:The machine ate my package (Score 1) 166

It isn't as far fetched as you might think.. I work for a company that builds sorting equipment. Ours is some of the nicest and gentlest to packages out there... as well as being very quiet.

However, I've also heard of literal high speed box slappers, pneumatic box throwers and even on our systems a box can get "eaten"... though we design our systems to minimize this unlike some others. Thankfully the industry is moving away from that and toward systems like we make or like those Amazon uses (which is solving the problem from the other end that us) Sometimes sortation systems are used to sort items they were not originally designed for (sorting boxes on a sorter designed for poly bags or vice versa) as well... and this leads to nightmares of 100+ packages crashed into each other and destroyed but that is down to mismanagement honestly.

In the end if you want a good sorter... you have to buy one that has thought put into it instead of being a cookie cutter system. And the place I work is only company in the US that makes them (everyone else is German or Japanese). If you go with the German or Japanese systems you are going to get a either a cookie cutter system or a giant erector set... both of which have problems of thier own versus a high quality engineered solution.

Comment Re:Firewall? (Score 1) 251

Your senses themselves are in of themselves a sort of firewall or floodgate... however you want to think of it.

What Elon suggests is direct brain-digital interface.. unfettered, such an interface could theoretically bash your brain into whatever it wants... we drive our senses but what happens when the steering wheel isn't in our hands but controlled by the machine.

Comment Re:FireFox... the best browser (Score 1) 319

Ghostery is effectively a wrapper around the default browser as far as I can tell... which means you'll be browsing with an old out of date browser on most phones.

I certainly doubt they built a browser that doesn't use the built in webkit in under 2.5Mb.

So in that sense no... it isn't a "real browser" in the same sense that Opera Current/Vivaldi aren't real browsers... they're just skins on the built in or bundled webkit... if it bundled a recent webkit ala Chrome it wouldn't be so bad but it doesn't look like that is what they do.

Comment Re:It is Open, Free and free. (Score 1) 83

gEDA... I'm pretty sure the consensus is it isn't even the best Open source and Free tool... KiCAD probably has that title these days.

It has actually improved a lot of the parts of gEDA that were bad ... not that they are the best on KiCAD yet but certainly from what I understand not bad like gEDA which was never seen as a competitor to Eagle... unlike KiCAD which acutally has people that use it because the like it and not just because it is free.

There are difference costs to entry into using software.. sometimes it is $ and sometimes it is complexity, KiCAD is as free as gEDA but reduces some of the latter. What is the point of developing Free software if in the end the net cost of using it is extremely high.

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