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Comment Re:But not climate change research (Score 1) 81

So you are basically saying. You have nothing to prove your assertion.

Because I do not believe your blind assertion, I do not qualify?

The supposed consensus is about the earth warming and it "possibly" being caused by humans. And even that consensus is shaky at best.

There i NO concensus at all, about your assertion of thing being really bad or catastrophic, except in the media and young brainwashed eco greenies.

So again, show me the consensus that proves your assertion. Your word, does not count.

Comment Re:But not climate change research (Score 1) 81

There is no such consensus.

Please prove your assertion that " has a consensus that it is going to be at least pretty bad and may well get catastrophic".

You see, you lie or repeat lies without even knowing it, which makes it much worse, because thats called ignorance.

Its people who argument/debate like you do, without knowledge who are the most dangerous.

Comment Re:Not quite... (Score 1) 222

Yes, and they all increased significantly the cost of energy in the EU to the point of it being a major political problem.

With the Brexit and the uncertainties regarding EU subsidies for "green" energy projects, Siemens has decided to halt all wind projects in the UK.

Because the reality is, those projects are just NOT viable without heavy taxpayer subsidies.

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