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Comment Re:Liability risk (Score 2) 537

How do you figure? The bar is presumably private property and there is no law that I'm aware of that prevents anyone from shielding their property from RF. In some cases some building design can do this anyways. I've been in large buildings with metallized windows that effectively did something similar. I honestly can't think of any laws this would break.

Comment Re:It's time.......... (Score 1) 134

Thats strange I've been affected by breaches in the past and have had new cards issued by two different banks. On both they did something where they deny all new transactions to the old cc # but allow all of my prescheduled transfers to still go through. In every case the CC company denied the charges instead of letting them go through in the first place so I've never actually had to dispute. Their automatic guess as whether or not a transaction is pretty accurate and generally they send a text that I can reply to authorize a transaction that their system flags as suspicious(but this is so rare I think it's happened two times in 3-4 years).

Comment Re:Not nearly enough (Score 1) 153

This must have a locked bootloader or such to prevent the software from being changed out. I personally hate these locked loader devices but at least Amazon is paying you here. Samsung locks their crappy telco provided image on their devices in the US and doesn't even give you a discount.

Comment Re:Puritan virtue (Score 1) 63

You must be using a really crappy card issuer. I've had my cards comprised and all I have to do is give them a call that takes at most 2 minutes(or it can be done through the website) and they always eat any unauthorized transactions and send out a new card Next day air. So there is zero risk and I end up with thousands of dollars in points every year that I wouldn't get with a prepaid card also I can use my card to rent cars and other things that can't be done with a prepaid card.

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