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Comment Awww, I feel bad (Score 1) 233

The tablets failed to work during a crucial AFC Championship game last January -- again for the New England Patriots...

Aww, that's so awful for the Patriots. While the tablets may be to blame, it's hard for me to feel too bad for a team with a history of "communication issues" for visiting teams.

My .02, get rid of tablets, photos, phone calls, headphones, and anything else other than the coaches and players on the playing field and sideline talking to each other in person. They can all carry around clipboards that have Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad, or whatever other brand sticker on the back if the advertising money is that important.

Comment Re:Their stock has been split since 1999 right??? (Score 1) 43

Yes. February 18, 2003 was the only split since their previous "high" Dec 23, 1999.

I think as long as it's clear that previous stock prices and/or volume data have been adjusted for splits an "all time high" still is valid even if it's not technically the highest price it ever traded at.

Comment Re:Worst keyboard ever (Score 1) 44

Razer's marketing is full of hyperbole, often bordering on outright lying. Many of their statements are obviously made to be misinterpreted so as to make their products appear to be more interesting than they really are.
They are a dishonest, shameful company.
Never mind that their products are more flash than quality.

They are the Bose of computer/gamer hardware.

Comment Re:Cable Packages, Duh (Score 1) 198

You don't understand how ratings work then. Ratings used to be based on watching diaries that people would write down what and when they watched. Now they usually use a people meters. As such, places like barber shops, bars, restaurants, etc are not included in TV ratings and so underrepresent the actual number of people that might be viewing.

Comment Re:...what about the drafthouse?.. (Score 1) 342

We have a Cinema Grill near our house. Awful food and drinks, old chairs, and below average theater. But it was the first in the area to offer an alternative to just rows of traditional seating...I think even before stadium seating made it here.

A Regal theater several years ago added motorized recliner stadium seating. That's typically the theater we go to now. Ton of space, chairs you can set to exactly the angle you want, and even if someone has their cell phone screen on you don't notice it because you're reclined. You still have people that might talk, but you can't get rid of that...even at home (yeah I'm looking at you wife and kids).

Comment Re:Every Patent is Expressed Through Language (Score 1) 294

By extension, nothing can be patented. Any idea or concept which is currently patented is expressed through language.

I disagree. With a traditional patent of a physical item or process, it's the item or process that receives the patent. The description just, well, describes it. With a software patent, the description is what is being patented, not the physical manifestation of that description in circuits, electrons, inputs and outputs, etc that the computer uses when it executes the instructions.

Comment Re:Contracts with minors (Score 1) 140

Invoice would be good. Check would have the same issue as bill. Bill also works if it were say a utility bill or a repair bill. It's ambiguous in the context used because a bill also refers to a note or a piece of paper currency, as in a dollar bill. Since a $100,000 banknote does exist, although never used for public transactions, saying he received a $100,000 note is unclear what exactly he received...was he suddenly a rich 12 year old? Or suddenly serious in debt?

It could have also been rephrased such as as "received a bill for $100,000".

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