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Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 4, Insightful) 128

I think the newer Leafs got a free replacement modem, older ones had to pay. Ford provided free replacement 3G modems for the Focus Electric and the two Energi PHEV models. Kind of surprised me. So my "MyFord Mobile" finally started working for me at the end of November after I got the new modem. We have AT&T 3G, never did have 2G here because the tower was installed after the announced 2G shutdown back in August 2012. Of course, Ford's software still sucks.

Comment SodaStream - More like WaterStream (Score 1) 570

SodaStream in the US has discontinued the traditional soda flavor syrups in favor of what they call "Waters". Apparently after wasting millions on a superbowl commercial in a stupid attempt to compete with Coke and Pepsi they decided that what people really want is lightly flavored water. On second thought, maybe "UrineStream" would be a better name.

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