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Comment or use office365 (Score 1) 557

either use online or use google apps.

Which ever $/user/month suits you.

Saves you in power bills and running hardware, give the old server away to your IT guy or ebay it.

Its amazing how many quad core xeon 3ghz, 16gb ram servers you can find for under $500 online. If anything, good for a home cloud/server.

Comment 10 years in outlook? little new features (Score 1) 557

Besides looking a bit different, and fixing serious shit bugs, outlook 2015+ is hardly any different to 2007.

Why cant people use software for 10 years + like they use cars, its not like software degrades over time like food, it still works, just companies dont fix bugs.

Ahh i know, its policy to always have bugs, never fix anoyying bugs in present released, but only in new releases so that people have to upgrade.

Comment You can optimize, which you young ones are shit at (Score 1, Offtopic) 236

Yeah, so how many wankers use a 45meg library to read a 1kb XML config file, when you could have just made a simpler ascii format and wrote the code your self. Or your lazy coders who use sqllite for tiny configs, as you cant code for shit to store csv config files.

No wonder 2gb android with quadcores runs so shit compared to a 500mhz windowsXp box from year 2001.

Comment indian doctors like IT workers equals your death (Score 1) 476

Just like their shoddy programming, you will die.

There have been a few cases of dodgy ones in australia who caused dozens of mistakes and deaths and used false resumes of experience like your typical indian IT worker with fake details/quals.

Trust them to cut you open,mmmmm, no thanks.

Comment fault of shitty managers priority lists (Score 3, Interesting) 77

this is because asshole managers who reprioritise the bug list, and make some obvious quick fixers so -1000 its not funny.

My moto is, if im coding after my 40hrs/week, its free time, and I can do whatever fucking bug I like. Since officially, I am coding for free, not being paid over time, fuck your priority lists. I will fix whatever god damn bug I like thats fun to fix, or quick to fix.

Always the priorities are bull shit any way.

There should be a dual layer of priorities where quick, simple , 5 minute fixers should be as high priority as show stoppers.

Even if a bug is so low priority, but embarrassing, but fixable in 5 seconds, FIX IT. Or we should be allowed to fix whatever god damn bug we emotionally fucking feel like it to feel happy, or to get more Bugs/Day done.

We coders arent robots, we have intelligence that we should be allowed to override our slave masters wishes.

Comment dip shit retard mr anon (Score 1) 399

ps4 valkyrie , awesome in VR.

Even Driveclub is very good, I dont know why people dont like it, its awesome.

You wankers especially americans have too high expectations, no wonder you take so much drugs and need therapy.

Go back to your substandard Starbucks.

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