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Comment Re:Good news for the founders, I liked the site (Score 3, Interesting) 40

Hard to say what will happen, but surely this election season the NYT didn't even make a pretense of objectivity. (I'm no Trump fan, but I don't want to read editorials thinly disguised as news stories. I don't even read the NYT directly but our local Honolulu paper runs their articles all the time.)

Comment Re:given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow (Score 1) 109

... 9 years after the fact.

Yes, but that misses the point. It was fixed as soon as it was pointed out. No denial, no delay, just fixed. And, at least it was found and reported, even if it did take a very long time.

Of course, with closed source we'll never know what's been lurking for many years, but I suspect there will be things there too, as there are in all complex systems.

Comment Re:Horrible Advice (Score -1, Troll) 267

Horrible advice? More like a horrible post from an AC.

Phishing is one of the biggest security concerns and what system you're on has no impact on its ability to damage your personal files.

What are you talking about? How does phishing damage the personal files on your computer? Agreed, phishing is system independent, but it tricks you into revealing information, and doesn't attack your file system.

Sure, it's harder to gain admin rights on a Linux system than Windows, but no home users care about that. A screwed up OS is the easiest thing to fix, 'just' reinstall it. The users' data files are what's important and they are equally exposed on all systems unless you've taken the steps to setup advanced security measures which no home users do.

"Just" reinstall Windows, right. And that type of user likely doesn't have a backup, so what then? And user data files are NOT equally exposed on all systems.

No home user cares if their computers are part of a bot net, they still function fine for them.

Come to think of it, I can see why you post as an AC; you don't want to embarrass yourself.

Comment Re:I use linux because (Score 1) 267

So what you need to offer is some disruptive innovation, some great feature that draws people to Linux, something so good that they would be willing to temporarily forgo the lack of applications

Although I'm a rabid Linux fan I have to say that your post made a lot of sense. But I'd add to the above, in view of Windows 10 integrated spyware, "Or Windows has to become so bad that people will be driven away."

Comment Re:really (Score 1) 145

the rate we purchase new phones, when the ones we have already are more than adequate, is a bigger travesty. so the note 7 had an accelerated eol, i think if people should be more concerned with the motto we learned when we were young, reduce/reuse/recycle, and actually do that instead of "oh new shiny, must get" fucking people

Now there's the answer, it seems: Use the things longer. You don't need a new phone every year. Oooh ... iPhone 7 .... gotta have it .... until the iPhone 8 comes out 12 months later.

Keep them until they wear out. Yes, there's an issue with limited recharging cycles ... but replaceable batteries should be the norm. Yes, there's an issue with software updates .... vendors need to be more responsible about that.

Comment Re:Right (Score 1) 326

Millenials ar ethe hardest working most selfless generation ever put on earth.

As pointed out somewhere above, oldsters have been complaining about "these kids today" for millennia. But equally so and for equally long, kids have regarded oldsters as no better than idiots. "Ayn chadash tachat hashemesh" --- there is nothing new under the sun.

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