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Comment Re:Ok, add iPad Pro - still less (Score 1) 130

I'd still rather have a really excellent laptop and an iPad pro instead of this desktop (or an iMac for that matter), then you have two screens with you wherever you go if you like, or just a tablet or just a laptop.

With "Studio" in the name, I think it's clear where this was intended to be used.

Comment Re:$3000 BASE PRICE?!?!? (Score 1) 130

And I would bet that real graphics professionals will still want to use a dedicated graphics tablet, rather than get a bunch of hand-prints all over their screen to use a half-baked built-in digitizer.

You're still missing the point. The singular killer feature is the pressure sensitive pen. It's a Wacom Cintiq with a better screen and computer thrown in for good measure. There is nothing from Apple to directly compete with this unless you tether a $2000+ Cintiq to your Mac (

Maybe it's not a very large niche, but this is quite affordable for what it offers. The Dial accessory seems kind of cool too:

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 552

Turns out she apparently used to be decent at maths but dropped it after being told repeatedly in school words t othe effects of "maths isn't for girls".

Don't most people studying STEM fields need to be able to obsess over their interests despite social pressures to the contrary? You didn't mention if she actually enjoyed math.

Comment Re:Disappointed with the Press Conference (Score 1) 184

I believe the suits at ESA were in damage control because they are scared about losing funding for the 2020 lander so they mentioned NOTHING about the crashed lander, so that when politicians check on the press releases/conferences in months to come there is NO info on the crash, but in a few days the world will know anyway, especially if NASA gets a photo of the impact and debris.

The ESA in general seems to hold their cards a lot closer than NASA. I suppose there are cultural or political reasons like you suggest, but it's annoying if you're used to the flood of information NASA releases.

Comment Re:More accurate headline? (Score 2) 200

Man buys IoT kettle that doesn't have support for Amazon Echo, spends 11 hours coding support, puts lame spin on story because nobody cares.

To be fair, he didn't spin the story, he just tweeted what he was doing. It isn't his fault that newspapers and the public can't tell the difference between a hacker's project log and an average person struggling with a consumer device.

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