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Comment Rather meaningless single value metrics (Score 2) 252

I understand that it's a failing of us humans to comprehend multi-dimensional data, but reducing a programming language's "popularity" to a single value really helps no-one. But because we're obsessed with such things, at least choose measures that place the weightings back into the hands of those that wish to match the data to their needs. Try the IEEE Spectrum interactive rankings: where Go performs even better - except for jobs.

Comment The title and the summary do not match (Score 0) 401

Clickbait question - which programming language is the most popular - meaning which is used the most, or which is adored by more people? Never mind, the summary then ignores the issue of popularity altogether, and turns the question into which language is most important to study. Being important to study may have no relationship to popularity, or should we all study Pokemon Go? Amazing. Did the poster first learn the language named 'English'?

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