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Comment Re:It's the stadium stupid (Score 1) 236

"We had a similar problem at a bluegrass festival with just 5000 people, 4 different free WiFi access points, all unusable because connections timed out due to being so overloaded."

4 access points for 5000 people? Yeah your gonna have a bad time. Most access points can support like 100 people on them max. In a temporary situation, I would have gotten at least 10, more like 20 APs for that amount of people and a wireless lan controller to manage them. We regularly use aprox 80 APs to cover a building with 5000 users. You completely underestimated how many APs you need for sure! I never covered a large outdoor space, but you usually do these things by number of people attending because each AP can only handle so many connections.

Stadiums on the other hand sometimes have thousands to tens of thousands of APs and as other people pointed out, concerts in those stadiums work ok. Someone also said that the wireless infrastructure was provided just for the benches (or whatever they are called). So the surfaces would have had thier own wireless network on the playfield. This makes sense as no one is going to use the same wifi network for public as for something as important as team tools.

Having used MS surface devices professionally, I can say that they are nice, but they are also quite buggy, so i would blame them and windows 10 for most of the problems. Bring some ipads in and see if they have the same problems, i bet they dont.

Comment Re:And what about Wi-Fi (Score 1) 236

From anecdotal experience with my 13 windows 10 surface pro 3's and 4 devices, i would say its all three. The hardware has overheating problems, the software (windows 10) craps out randomly requiring power cycles (Which on the surface means holding down the power button for 30 seconds). They need firmware updates out of the box to be usable mostly. And occasionally some combination of the above locks up wireless requiring a reboot.

So i have no problem believing that the surfaces are the core of the issue. I see litterally none of the same problems with any ipad we have. I hate apple, but they are far far FAR more reliable than microsoft surface devices.

I do have a surface and i love it when im out and about and the touchscreen is useful, but the hardware itself does have problems and windows 10 is not quite ready for production (and getting miraculously LESS ready with every update...)

Comment Grass is always greener (Score 1) 93

Funny, because as a canadian, i know several people who have VPNs soley to watch american netflicks. I dont personally watch so i cant compare it but I always thought the american library was more comprehensive becuase everyone always wants to get american netflix (which you need an american CC for and VPN). Seems like a lot of effort, maybe someone who has both could comment on the differences.

Comment Re:Old computer with better spec than the new ones (Score 1) 310

Not sure if you just cherry picked those two particular CPUs as they are almost identical in performance:

But i agree, upgrading from a 4 digit (2nd gen+ core i7 series cpu), to another core series i7 CPU is not going to give you any sort of performance increase. However, the newer chipset with 4x m2 support can drive a high end SSD over 2000MB/s (some over 3k now!). So upgrading from a core 2 quad was a good move for me. Even though the quad really did work fine.

I did manage to skip a whole upgrade to core series around 2012 and waited it out till q1 2016. But the machine i would have bought at the time, a 2600k is still selling for a premium on ebay. CPU is still worth $150 USD last time i looked.

it may be that people need to revise their upgrade schedule to be more like 8 years as opposed to the old model of a 3-4 year cycle, but that doesn't bother me one bit.

Comment Re:Hope they get fined big for this (Score 1) 311

"There is no reason to upgrade to chip cards except to benefit the card cartels."

Are you high? Chip and Pin, the standard for most of the world, works perfectly fine and the reason it is implemented is to protect the merchants! Right now if i go to USA and swipe my card, a fucking signature(!!!) is all the authentication that you need!

This isn't the 1970s, my god. I couldn't even believe how much fraud I could have done with basically zero effort down there. I can't believe that there isn't massive credit card fraud in the USA. Sure, chip cards can be cloned and pins can be captured with hidden cameras, but thats orders of magnitude more effort than simply stealing someones card number and faking their signature. It would be like vendors accepting personal cheques! Mag stripes are relics from a bygone age.

And if you cant program for chip and pin cards, you need to refresh your skills. Every POS software I have worked with in the last 5 years at least, is chip and pin. You get around all PCI compliance issues because cc numbers are never stored or transmitted in plain text anything at any point. The pin authorizes the card at the pinpad and simply transmits a pass or fail to the bank, encrypted. The payment processor has an agent installed on the PC if they are integrated. Or so I understand, i just service them, not a programmer. But the systems are ubiquitous.

Comment Re:Most rich people's houses aren't in very... (Score 1) 332

Boats need constant repairs. You obviously never knew anyone who has owned a boat. I can't think of a worse platform to bet your long term survival on than a boat in fact! Well i guess a plane would be a worse idea, or a train.

You just need a remote, self sufficient, and most importantly completely obscured location. If you read the book "the road" when they discover the secret bunker that some survivalist has built and never occupied, they don't want to stay too long lest they get complacent and sloppy. Someone sees your smoke from your heated bunker in the winter, or smells your food cooking, and you can kiss your ass goodbye. The best take away from that book, was the safest people were those who were always moving and not at all desirable. The ones who were easily missed or ignored by others. The frail homeless person with their shopping cart, who was ignored by society both before and after the collapse. The entire book was all about not getting noticed by other people. If people noticed you they would enslave you or just straight up kill you, so there was a lot of hiding and being nomadic which i think is more realistic than any other apocalyptic future that fiction portraits.

Comment Coil whine is something else entirely (Score 1) 196

Not saying that what you experience isnt real, but having a brand new video card a few years ago with coil whine, i learned a lot about it. It is VERY noticiable. To everyone. I used to game at night and my wife said the noise was keeping her awake. With headphones on, it wasnt bothering me and the card itself was fine. It was a high pitched whine which everyone could hear easily. It started about a month after i purchased this video card. I had to RMA it, but the successive cards i recieved back all had different problems. After about the 4th RMA, it got to the point that I was paying more in shipping than it would cost to just get a new damn video card. So thats what I did. Never buy PNY anything is the moral of the story!

Coil whine, and being sensitive to electronics noises are two very different things. The latter being very detectable by everyone. I listened to the noise in the "article" and it sounds more like a feedback from a hot mic coming out the speaker or something like that, than what i experienced as coil whine. But who knows, smaller coils, different sound maybe.

Comment we need to be protected from stupid decisions? (Score 2) 424

"she sent a video of herself having sex to some friends"

How about don't use your real name online? Just because everyone in the world seems to have abandoned that concept in the last 15 years doesn't make it any less important, or relevant.

This is not a problem for the internet, its a problem of novice internet users emailing sex tapes around. I would have some sympathy if she was hacked, but she clearly brought this on herself. We all make mistakes, but we don't all make fools of our self online using our real information. That's a fairly specific choice she made. It may not have been thought through, but let that be a lesson to everyone who decides emailing a sex tape around is a good idea.

Comment Re:Dangerous language... (Score 4, Insightful) 181

Ha! reminds me of my mom (who came of age in the 60s) when i was a kid:

"hate is a very strong word"

shes right though, my mom, not the teacher. I assume the teacher meant something similar though. Kids (and people in general) are always saying they "hate" everything when really they just mean dislike. Hate is a much stronger word and children should be taught the difference.

I dislike eating fish. I hate slavery.
There is nothing wrong with children being taught to use language correctly.

Comment Re: you get signal (Score 4, Insightful) 282

Sorry, which country is true capitalism? All i see around here are state sponsored monopolies, global corporations who make their own rules, the military industrial complex and lobbyists.

If you live in the west, and probably everywhere else, you live in corporatism, not capitalism.

The grand parent was saying that the current corporate culture of profit driven "capitalism" is akin to slavery with its destruction of the individual, and the race to the bottom. Maybe slavery got us computers and all that, but it also built the pyramids. The ends don't necessarily justify the means, and certainly aren't the only way to go about doing things. I fail to see your point. That computers wouldn't have been invented if not for monopolies? If you know the history of technology that is not what happened. In fact its the reverse. Small companies like microsoft defeating huge behemoths like IBM. (Which then of course became just as ruthless as the companies they successfully usurped, starting the cycle all over again)

Comment Re:What it will really mean (Score 1) 394

For me though the problem is that I hate Google more than Apple and refuse to be either companies bitch.

Is that attitude making you happy? Has it ever?

Yup! Feature phones rock.

- not a zombie
- not being tracked everywhere i go via passive bluetooth, "applications", wireless, or simply IMEI
- having a week of standby battery time at least
- phone boots in 30 seconds max
- can say to people "oh sorry my phone doesn't text!" and then not have to be pulled into asinine one word per message SMS conversations
- never tempted to text and drive or view social media while driving
- don't feel listless and depressed when the battery runs low (which as i understand it, happens daily)
- not a brainwashed zombie who can't sit and think for 2 minutes without getting bored and whipping out their phone

- Don't have the ability to work when not at work. (hey wait a minute, thats not a con!)
- eventually the networks will not support my phone any longer, which makes me sad.
- have to plan what I'm doing outside the house BEFORE i go outside. (seeing as i have been doing that for 30 years prior to celphones arrival, its not really a problem for me)

Comment Re:Don't buy a Mac for Specs. (Score 1) 472

What the heck are you talking about? Skylake is a perfectly fine architecture. When it came out, i too did a comparison with skylake and haswell judging skylake to be the better chip. Using DDR4 and also the ability to do m2 SSDs @ x4 speeds were the two deal breakers for me.

Sure you can get a 2600k that runs circles around lots of later gen chips, but a 6700k will own it and with the extra features and better power consumption (and less heat) skylake is the one to buy. Especially since the 4790k and the 6700k are like a 50 dollar difference in price. Might as well go for all the new chipset features and the satisfaction of not paying premium prices for last years architecture!

On the mac side of things, yes the last few releases were really unstable. However i think they fixed all the stability problems in the latest el capitan release. I dont use osx personally, but my users stopped complaining about stability problems when we went to el cap.

Comment Re:Millennials are obsessed (Score 1) 351

" (I'm from Canada".... " Except this time you guys get a chance to buy a house."

What canada do you live in that doesn't have an insane, through the roof, bubbled property market?

No one under 40 can afford a house in canada. Heck even most gen-xers would have had to buy in around 2008 or so to get even a moderately affordable townhouse!

In the major cities (toronto, vancouver) under 40s can't even afford condos anymore! Its all rich foreigners and investors now, and the rental market is being squeezed hard. Hard to find a 2 bedroom in the lowermainland for under 1800 now adays...

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