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Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 264

Twitter is useless for anything but propaganda and "i just ate X at Y" posts.

Must be your narrow mind looking at it.

I follow lots of local service based accounts from traffic, police, fire, transit, city, utilities, etc. and find them posting information about the current state of things. I maybe have 5 actual people I follow mind you.

Comment Re:Mine works great (Score 1) 292

2013 Escape here and the the only issue I had with mine was out of the blue it often failed to sync with my iPhone 4s, I updated to the latest version (3.8) which was released specifically to fix syncing issues with iOS 9 and it has worked flawless ever since.

On a side note I took the update files and extracted all of the files from the *.cab files and noticed that the UI seems to be pretty much all Flash based which probably accounts for the some of the instability.

Comment Re:So Oracle won (Score 3, Interesting) 113

In sum, the committee says, "Cover Oregon failed for two main reasons: The state acted as their own system integrator (like, and the state tried to revamp its entire health care system, not just build an exchange."

Seems to me that the state had more to do with it than Oracle. I am sure you are great at making "simple credit card web app" but if you have ever done anything with healthcare in the US it is a nightmare. And yes I currently work building software for healthcare in the US at a state level.

Comment Re:Shouldn't customers get 40% of their money back (Score 4, Informative) 120

They actually have a site that where you can start the exchange process if you want a new phone. Also Samsung has said that in certain EU countries they will be deactivating (bricking) the phones that have not been exchanged by the end of Sept.

Comment Re:Dumbest rivalry ever (Score 2) 37

If Microsoft really cared about Windows 10's battery life...

Actually they do, by calling out Google they forced them (Google) to fix the problem.

I guess your peer driven hatred towards all things Microsoft and your fanboi lust for Google makes you pretty blind somtimes. It's ok most people probably ignore your dribble anyway...

Enjoy watching the Apple Event today...

Comment Well duh... (Score 1) 154

Pretty much makes sense since more people are using mobile devices to access information on the internet and lets face it the web experience for mobile (pointing at phones) it pretty much completely unusable most of the time.

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